By Paula @ Holiday World

Congratulations to Tabithia F., from Louisville, Kentucky, who wins two one-day tickets to Happy Halloween Weekends for her winning caption: “With great power comes great responsibility… and you mom… you have the responsibility to take me to Holiday world!”

Thank you to all who entered!


This photo from our opening weekend of Happy Halloween Weekends just screamed to be made into a caption contest.

Spin us a clever caption and you could win two one-day tickets for this year’s Halloween event.

A few rules:

1. Must be 13 or older to enter.

2. Must not be an employee of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari (or that employee’s immediate family member).

3. Just one entry per email address, please.

4. The winner receives two 2013 one-day tickets to Happy Halloween Weekends. If you’ve won tickets from one of our contests within the past six months, you’re not eligible to win this one. If it’s been more than six months – have at it!

5. Judges’ decision is final. It always is.

6. Deadline is Thursday at noon. That’s 9/26/13 at 12 noon CDT. We’ll notify the winner by email.

7. To enter, post your clever caption as a “comment” here on this HoliBlog post. Don’t include your address or phone number, we’ll notify the winner by email. (Remember, our comments are moderated – so keep the captions family-friendly. If your post doesn’t show up right away, that means we’re in a meeting or sleeping or eating or, you know, in the bathroom. Please be patient.)

8. And yes, if you win you can use your tickets this weekend.

Good luck!

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391 Responses to “Contest: Spin us a great caption”

  1. juli guthrie

    See mom? I told you when I was trying to climb up that wall and accidentally put a hole in it that I AM SPIDERMAN!

  2. Christina Schilling

    Seriously mom, do you have webs in your head? Of course I want to go to the “Happy Halloween Weekend” at Holiday World!!

  3. Amy

    Count to 10 and Spider-man will turn you into Kitty Claus. You shouldn’t have forgot your costume at home.

  4. Chris Seal

    Even Little Spidey and his Mom know that Happy Halloween Weekends’ day and nights are spinning a web of supernatural family friendly delights.

  5. Brad Owens

    Have no fear citizen I will keep you safe from The Headless Horseman as we ride The Legend and tame the monster!

  6. Tammy B

    Look into my web…you will get VERY sleepy…when you awake you will tell me we can stay another day at Holiday World!!!

  7. nancy hawk

    you know mom. the voyage is one of the best rides in the world, you don’t have to be scared spiderman is here to protect u!!!

  8. LaShanna

    Maybe if I touch her she will feel my Spidey senses telling her to bring me back next weekend.

  9. Julie H

    “Mom, do you think a spider could really weave words into its web like Charlotte or is that just fiction?”

  10. Phillip Wilson

    Mommy I think there was something wrong wit the spider that bit me at daycare!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Cameron Maddox

    Spider-Man Spider-Man rides whatever Holiday World rides he can! (But only if spider mommy comes along!)

  12. Ronita Rufus

    Mom, you were right! I love Halloween weekends at Holiday World! I can be my true “Spidey” self!

  13. Sabrina Seal

    “How do you like my new look, Mom?” There’s Kitty Claws, Holidog, ghouls, and Gourdon, too. Happy Halloween Weekends are a family friendly way to say, “Boo”!

  14. Glenda Thigpen

    “Mom, please don’t get caught up in my web”. Holiday World’s Happy Halloween Weekends 2013: Spinning a web of ghoulish eats, magical rides, enchanting shows, and the sweetest of family friendly treats.

  15. Houston Hunt

    “I can see myself in your glasses and I look awesome; now let’s go ride The Howler”

  16. Houston Hunt

    “My Spidey senses say you are not too scrambled to the ride Scarecrow Scrambler again”

  17. Corey

    Mom…you’re embarassing me, all the other superheros are up on the water tower. Why did you have to make me come down?

  18. April

    “Mom, look at me! I’m here to protect you from all the bad guys. I got that web that I can reach out to touch far distant things & if something is coming our way, I just take us on my web up high to a safe place!”

  19. Terra Knust

    Mom, do you see this awesome face painting? We have to come back next weekend. Halloween is awesome here at Holiday World!

  20. Megan Lyons

    Hold still Mom! I can see another spiderman in your sunglasses — WOW it looks just like me!

  21. Steve Martin

    Ok mommy, you said if I turned into spiderman we could go to Holiday World, can we go, can we go? Please!

  22. Dawn

    I know all the excitement here can give you a headache. Let me use my spidey sense take it away for you so we can go have more fun.

  23. Rene Leach

    Just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man- you have to be this tall to ride the Mammoth, Ma’am.

  24. Sabrina Carron

    Look Mom, it doesn’t matter HOW it happened, but this web has got to come out of your hair.

  25. Brittany Carroll

    Mommy will you ride the legend with me? I know your scared and thats okay but I’m spiderman and I’m here to protect you.

  26. Nichole Miller

    I’m here to rescue you…and maybe ride the legend and eat a holidog. Ya know since I’m here already!

  27. Tabithia

    With great power comes great responsibility… and you mom… you have the responsibility to take me to Holiday world!

  28. Monica Thomas

    Well, wobble my webs and call me shaky! It’s Holiday World — the hippest Halloween Party in the World! Thank’s Mom your the best!

  29. andrea tucker

    My spidy senses are tingling, mom, and they’re telling me you’re going to buy me ice cream

  30. Whitney Tarr

    Holiday World and Splashing Safari: number one for family fun, even Spiderman’s family.

  31. patty


  32. Trevor Sewell

    What does Spiderman do to check up on what’s going on at his favorite park, holiday world?

    He gets on their WEB-SITE!

  33. Angela

    Mom, you do realize you used permanent paint on my face and this stuff is really starting to itch! I told you I wanted the mask instead!

  34. Omer Watkins

    “Don’t worry Mom! I’ll talk to Iron Man and see if there is an opening in The Avengers.”

  35. Kay Nix

    No need to be afraid of the goblins here at Holiday World, Mom. I am a really superhero and I can protect you.

  36. Rachel Henretty

    “Mommy, be real still and I promise, you’ll feel the web on your head! It’s SO cool that I can do this…WOW!!!”

  37. Kim Davis

    Kids have you climbing the walls? Don’t spin out of control! Bring your little superheroes out for Halloween Weekends and have a “Marvel-ous” time!!!

  38. Aaron Schwieterman

    My spidey senses are tingling, mom. I think they’re telling me I have to go to the bathroom.

  39. Paula Hart

    Mom, that’s Mary Jane getting off The Revolution. Do you think she can tell if I’m blushing?

  40. Stephanie Noel

    I am a Spider-Man and your gonna see me swing. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh your gonna see me swing.

  41. Jennifer Burns

    Who am I? You sure you want to know? The story of my life is not for the faint of heart.

  42. Ricky Fleming

    Don’t worry mom, Superman is coming to help me save the world. By the way, can I have another Walking Taco from the Alamo, I need the strength to make more webs.

  43. Sarah91680

    Its OK Momma, I’ll protect you from the monsters in the Graveyard Smash show, Spiderman to the rescue!

  44. Tanya Woodall

    Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: “With great power comes great responsibility.” This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I’m Spider-man. Sorry mom.

  45. Kathryn Reese

    Maybe if I get her to look at me and bat my big beautiful spidey eyes she will take me to happy Halloween weekends at holiday world for some family fun

  46. alecia schaller

    It’s ok Mom you don’t have to wear your costume in public, but we both know you are “Wonder Woman”!!!

  47. Jason Rausch

    Mom I know you don’t think I have spidey senses but I can prove it! I first went on a really, really long voyage, and then I conquered a raven, and then a legend, and I even conquered a beast all in 1 day at Holiday World! Now do you believe in my spidey senses? I thought so!

  48. Deana Chambers

    Sorry mom, I’m still getting used to this webslinger. We shouldn’t be stuck together much longer. Dad went to get the scissors.

  49. Mandy McReynolds

    Mom, do you think anyone at Happy Halloween weekend will notice that I am spiderman? I can’t wait to go to Holiday World!!!

  50. Chris Zike

    I don’t NEED you to ride with me, it’s just that.. my.. spidey web is stuck to your head. Yeah, that’s it!

  51. tina gilliam

    Mom… its ok if I have to disapear to go help someone who might get scared of the ride its always someones first time riding.

  52. Joshua Bunn

    Come on mom, let’s go to the corn maze. I see it there, quick hold on, I know a shortcut, let’s fly.

  53. Nicole Evans

    Mom look at me, nothing will come between us on our way to Holiday World for our Halloween weekend fun…promise.

  54. Jeromy Wise

    No… Mom… It’s still me. They just do some super cool face paintings here at Holiday World during Happy Halloween Weekends!

  55. Kathy D.

    OK, Mom, let me use my Spidey powers to hypnotize you! Now repeat this: “We will be coming back to Holiday World for another Happy Halloween Weekend soon!”

  56. Megan Targett

    Yes, Mom its really me, I came to save you from the villians, I am the real spideyman. I love you Mom!

  57. Theresa Thompson

    Mom, will you carry me? I’m tired from all that web-slingin’ around to get candy.

  58. Rachel

    There is trouble over by the HallowSwings. Order me a soft pretzel and I’ll be right back. Don’t forget the cheese.

  59. Samantha

    This Halloween there’s one thing to do.
    Let’s go to the home of the Raven, Legend, and Bahari
    Using my spidey senses I will show you
    that you will not be sorry.
    Will you please take me to
    Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari?

  60. Teresa Barnard

    Just give me a second to spin my web force field around you and everything will be just fine!

  61. julie clahan

    Look in my eyes mom OK now you’re under my spell I don’t want to leave here ever got it. I love the rides, the free, drinks, and the food and candy. Oh and Santa is cool too along with Holidog. Oh and could I have a new toy too.

  62. Tim Eisenhut

    Right now, I’d trade the whole Spider-Man bit for a waffle cone and another ride on the Turkey Whirl.

  63. vera king


  64. Cheryl S.

    I get to be Spider-Man, and my mom still has the best super powers? She transported us to Holiday World again! Seriously where's her cape?

  65. Michele Combs

    “Mom, stare into my eyes and repeat after me…with great power comes great responsibility. My responsibility is to tell the world about Holiday World’s Halloween weekends!”

  66. Susan Riggs

    Mom, even though I can leap buildings, would you please strap me into this ride’s seat?

  67. Stacy Collins

    “My Spidey sense is tingling….wait, it’s telling me that you’re thinking we better come back to the Happy Halloween Weekend at Holiday World!”

  68. Brian Hester

    Repeate after me: I will bring him back here next year, I will bring him back here next year, I will bring him back here next year…Good mom!

  69. Lynette Williams

    It’s OK that you didn’t wear your Super Hero costume, Mommy, you will always be my hero! NOW will you take me to Holiday World?

  70. Lynette Williams

    It’s OK, that you didn’t wear your Super Hero costume, Mommy, you’re still my hero! NOW will you take me to Holiday World?

  71. Amie Shoemaker

    In case you haven't noticed Mom, I am spider-man. Super heroes don't wait in lines.. I've got this.

  72. Tiffini Bush

    Why do I have to wait in line when I’m Spider-Man??!! Oh and Mom, don’t tell anyone my real name. Don’t want to make the other kids in my class jealous!

  73. Catherine Shannon

    when danger brings you down I batman will bring you up because I am the legend now lets ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Amie Shoemaker

    In case you didn’t notice Mom, I am Spider-man. Super heroes don’t wait in lines. I’ve got this.

  75. Nicki Troutman

    A mother’s love can see through a masked face. Especially when the mother is the “true” Super Hero!!

  76. candice clodfelter

    stop moving i know your checking out my awesome spider man look i can see threw your sunglasses i am spiderman!!! :)

  77. Debbie

    Hold still mom, I’m going to put an invisible shield around us so were protected, okay mom thanks for bringing me here to have fun I love you!

  78. Shannon

    My Spidey senses tell me you love me uncondionally and Holiday World is the perfect way to show me!

  79. Keri Middendorf

    Thanks mom for bringing me to Holiday World where I can get my face painted like spider man, this place is AWESOME!!

  80. Beccy

    Spider Man: You have a knack for getting in trouble.
    Mom: You have a knack for saving my life. I think I have a superhero stalker.
    Spider Man: I was at Holiday World!

  81. Jan Taylor

    Mom, I can read your mind with my super powers…your thinking about what a great time we would have if you take me to the Holiday World Halloween weekend this weekend!

  82. Shelby McCormick

    Mom, i know this is hard….but yes i am spiderman, and i promise to always protect you! <3

  83. Carrie

    Mom…..I have been saving lives since I was baby! Trust me, I can ride this kiddie ride without a problem.

  84. Becky Dixon

    Mom, look into my eyes, “It’s Happy Halloween Weekends at Holiday World, you MUST take me there this weekend!”

  85. Todd Budnikas

    “Uh, Mom, I’m still trying to get a hang of this web thing. My hand is *completely* stuck to your head.”

  86. Daphyne Maddox

    Sorry you had to find out like this mom…. you can still hold my hand in the corn maze!!!!!

  87. Sheri Markham

    Mom, look there is Santa!! Do you think he will recognize me with my mask on?? Spiderman likes presents too!!

  88. Theo W

    I'd shower you with a million kisses…but then I'd smear the facepaint and, perhaps, ruin a perfectly good sweatshirt. So I'm just gonna rub your head like I do Sammy, our cat.

  89. Christie

    Darn it. I told the make up artist that I wanted to be super man, the man who has the powers to fly. Now look at me, she made me out to be spider man. The man who has webs coming out of his writs. What kind of super powers is that?

  90. James

    I just get in my elevator one day: there is Spider-Man. I’m like, ‘Well, you’ve gotten a little lazy, haven’t you? Remember the old days when you’d take the side of the building?’