By Paula @ Holiday World

Congratulations to our three winners: Bobbie H. from Shepherdsville, Kentucky; Lori S. from Madison, Indiana; and Lael D. from Plainfield, Indiana. They each win two one-day tickets to this year's Happy Halloween Weekends. Thanks to all who entered!


So what exactly is Happy Halloween Weekends?

It's nearly all of Holiday World's rides, plus Halloween-themed shows and attractions.

Lots of them.

We have a page here on our website which gives lots of details, plus a HoliBlog post with FAQs.

But what better way to understand Happy Halloween Weekends than to experience it yourself?

We have discounted tickets available for $24.95 and $17.95 here on our website (yes, that covers admission, rides, shows and attractions). And if you're a 2013 Season Pass holder, you'll be pleased to know that Happy Halloween Weekends admisson is included.

Plus, through next Monday, we have this Happy Halloween Weekends sweepstakes!

We'll have three winners, chosen at random, who will each win two one-day tickets for this year's Happy Halloween Weekends.

Please note: you must be at least 13 years old to enter; please don't enter if you have won tickets from us in the past six months; also, you must not be an employee of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari (or the immediate family member of an employee).

And yes, you may enter once a day! Enter here from a mobile device; or if you're using an immobile device, enter via the widget, below:

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Good luck!

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114 Responses to “Sweepstakes: Happy Halloween Weekends”

  1. Rebecca Bethard

    I’ve never been to your Halloween Weekends, but it looks fantastic and I think my grandkids would love it!

  2. K alex

    Holiday world is amazing, really want to see what’s new and exciting during Halloween time!!

  3. letricia pirtle

    I would love to win these tickets. It will help out some I have 7 people in my household. My husband and I and my kids and we have custody of my cousin. This will be our first time. We usually go to beech bend. So please pick us. Thanks

  4. Angela Wheatley

    I have two girls ages 7 and 18 months, my daughters birthday is oct. 26th I would love to be able to take her for her birthday, we just haven’t been able to afford any trip this year.

  5. Sarah Helton

    Daughter’s 10th birthday will be celebrated at Holiday World, per her request. No party, just Holiday World! It would be awesome to get free tickets. :)

  6. Anna

    We have been to Holiday World during the summers. It was a lot of fun. It would be a new and fun experience to check it out during Halloween Weekends.

  7. Diana Jackson

    Would love to win tickets to Holiday World. We try to go there every summer/fall even though we live about 4 hours away. It is well worth the trip.

  8. Shannon Riddell

    My 15yr old son broke his elbow in June! He is a pitcher he had 2 tournaments coming up in Florida. And since he couldn’t play he had to miss his tournaments! I’d like to surprise him with these tickets since he is done with baseball this year! Please pick us!!

  9. Cynthia McCullough

    The entire extended family goes every year in July for my nephews birthday. It would be great to win tickets and be able to take my son for a Mama/son visit since his birthday is in October.

  10. Larissa Williams

    Sure hope we win. Its been a struggle this pass year and I would love to take my boys!!!

  11. Nikki

    My daughters bday is the 7 th she turns 11 and would love to go to your Halloween weekends she has epilepsy and pots syndrome so she can’t ride a lot of rides and all of the stuff you do for Halloween would be perfect 😉

  12. Christine Omberg

    We have been coming to Holiday World every year as our family vacation but have never been during Halloween,how fun!

  13. Adrienne

    Is there no love for your Twitter and RSS followers? Making FB a condition of entry makes some of us (Facebook avoiders) pretty sad.

  14. Cindy Hart

    My summer isn’t officially over yet because I haven’t been to Holiday World yet!

  15. Jenifer Angelini

    My family hasn’t made it out for the Halloween event yet but i would love to win tickets to be able to take them.

  16. Sherry Hoffman

    We have never been to Holiday World during Halloween. My son would love to be able to come to Holiday World during his Fall Break.

  17. Ashley Hoffsuemmer

    My son and I love holiday world we go every year for his birthday in June. But we have never been to the Halloween days, and I would love to see whar it’s like, and maybe make it a family tradition.

  18. Pat Vanover

    We’ve never been to the Happy Halloween week-end before. I would love to visit at that time

  19. aledia

    My husband, daughter and I went to Holiday World 3 years ago through a Make-A-Wish passport granted to my daughter…we LOVED LOVED LOVED your park! We went back last summer for a few days and once again enjoyed it tremendously! Visiting in the fall would be awesome!

  20. Cathy Gourley

    Looking forward to some spooky good fun at Holiday World Halloween Weekends!
    Glad to see you taking the opportunity to extend the season for your guests to celebrate this holiday.

  21. Jexa

    My boys love Holiday World. We try to go once a year, but this year we haven’t been. I had a medical problem in spring and now trying to get the bills paid. I would love to surprize them by winning tickets for them to go. Thanks so much having contests!!

  22. Kristi Safranek

    What sets Holiday apart is that it is always super clean and the free soda/suntan lotion shows you can about your guests. We love it.

  23. Brandy Wininger

    This would be a great anniversary gift for my husband! A trip to Halloween weekends at Holiday World!

  24. Amy Ramsey

    Halloween is our FAVORITE holiday!!!!! My daughter and I were so excited to hear about the Happy Halloween Weekends at Holiday World. We would love to win tickets and see the shows, and try the Halloween treats.

  25. Laura

    We just came to Holiday World last weekend and loved the shows and want to see them again!

  26. Robert Miller

    Want to take both kids one 3 and the other one 1yr and half to holiday world for both their first time!!

  27. Ranee

    Since mine and my Granddaughters fall break at the campground is canceled due to the Government Shutdown we would love to spend a day with you guys!!!!!! She loves Holiday World!!!!!!!

  28. Shawn Hirst

    It’s scary how much fun my family would have if we won tickets to Holiween World – I mean Holiday World !

  29. Cathy Gourley

    Looking forward to Holiday World Happy Halloween Weekends. I’ve heard lots of spook-tacular comments!

  30. Lisa

    My boys and I absolutely love Holiday World. We have gone every summer for the last few years. However this year we were unable to go. We would love to win tickets to be able to experience the Halloween theme at the park. It would mean so much to us.

  31. Lisa

    Did not know there were so many exciting things there for Halloween my grand kids would love it

  32. Douglas Thien

    I think this would be great to attend. Last time I was there when it was Santa Claus land in 1962,

  33. La'Tonya Hocker

    I’d love to win tickets to Holiday World. My husband has never been and he needs to go!!!!

  34. Ted Semesky

    We always have a great time at Holiday World, my little girls loves the water park there. It’s a great family park.

  35. Ted Semesky

    My family love Holiday World, my little girl loves the water park. The park is a great family park.

  36. Jackie Monk

    I havent been to Holiday World in a long time, Halloween Weekend looks like it could be fun. I may have to check it out

  37. Holly file

    I have been telling my 4-year-old we’re gonna go but haven’t really been able! I wanna win! I do every sweepstake, radio contest, anything I can to try and go!!

  38. shelly Litton

    With the two furloughs that our family has been hit with this year there has been no money for any type of vacation much less a visit to Holiday World. We have never been able to visit during Halloween. It looks as if there is no end in site to the government shutdown. However, we would love to win tickets and have fun

  39. sandy walkenhorst

    We love Holiday world but have never been for Halloween…fall and halloween are my favorite time of year!

  40. Cathy Gourley

    Happy Halloween Weekends are Boo-tiful! No other place can you celebrate the holidays all at the same time.

  41. Rhonda C. Lyda

    We LOVE Holiday World and really want to go for the Halloween spectacular!

  42. Ashlea Clark

    It says you can enter daily, but I entered once and have tried every day since and it will not let me enter again.

  43. Kim

    We have 4 kids and this would help if we could win we come once a year but they have always wanted to go on Halloween time it would be great to be able to take them

  44. rose

    Never been to holiday world for Halloween would love to take my grand kids. My graddaughters favorite holiday is Halloween.

  45. lisa clark

    with all the stress thats going on my family could really use this time to get away from things

  46. Roxanne Meyer

    Hopefully be coming there this next weekend if all works out. Would definitely be coming if we had 2 tickets paid for that is what may keep us from coming is money.

  47. Jill Rogers

    I would love to win a pair of tickets to come back to holiday world this year!

  48. kitsel

    I would love to win and take our toddler!! We didnt do anything this summer and this would be great!!

  49. kathy

    My daughter and her two children have had a horrible year my daughter has had two major surgeries one of which was a back surgery now she cant work so i think they would be very derserving of a getaway such as this the 6 and 3 yr old would love it…..I my self love Holiday World so I am sure they would love it to….there is so much magic there ..

  50. Melanie Ollery

    I’ve never been to the Halloween party at Holiday World. Would love for my family to get to go. I have a 14 year old and work full time plus I’m taking care of my husband, mom and dad who are all disabled. We don’t get to go on vacations much. Would love to get to spend some time with my son there. He loves the roller coasters. Crossing my fingers to win.

  51. HoliBlog

    Please enter by clicking on the Facebook button or by entering your email address. You may enter daily – good luck!

  52. HoliBlog

    Please take another look at the entry widget, Adrienne – you can enter via your email address, plus you get extra entries for Tweeting. Nothing sad about that! :o)

  53. Suzee Rhodes

    Holiday World is my Favorite place on Earth…The Best Roller Coasters ever. Never been there for Halloween but if it’s anything like the other times I’ve been there then I’m sure I’d be a Blast….