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So where does Holidog hang out during Happy Halloween Weekends?

Our cuddly pup has an autumnal dog house.

Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure

And it's pretty sweet.

As you enter the park for Happy Halloween Weekends, be sure to take a right at the Applause Fountain.

Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure
You'll see a large red building, which houses Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure.

It is:

*Very colorful.

*Very glowy (if you have white shoelaces, be sure to show your children).

*A little bit startling. If your child is timid, hold on to that little hand.

*A little disconcerting (it is 3D, after all). Take your time.

*One of those adventures that you need to experience twice (at least once to just watch your children's delighted faces).

*A little bit habit-forming. As you exit, head right back to the entrance to enjoy it again!

Of course, be sure to wear these lovely spectacles to get the full effect:

3D glasses for Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure

Pop on those 3D glasses and join Holidog in his search for Halloween treats.

Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll see inside:

There's no extra charge for Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure – it's included in park admission, along with our corn maze, all of our Halloween shows, our rides, the new Mummy's Treasure Maze plus hayrides.

Tickets are available for less that $25 if you purchase them online ($17.95 for Guests-under-54" and Seniors).

Have you taken your young children through Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure? Please post a comment below with any advice you'd like to share with other parents.

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