By Paula @ Holiday World

What fun we had today!

We started out first thing this morning with a trip to Louisville, for an appearance on WAVE-3 Listens Live.

Along with Matt and Kitty, we brought five members of the Graveyard Smash show.

In costume and makeup.

While we waited in the lobby of the TV station, another set of guests arrived.

"Oh, we can help you. We love a challenge!"

The two ladies specialize in a variety of "look and feel better" treatments, including laser hair removal.

When they mentioned Wolfman during their interview with host John Ramsey, he nearly fell off his chair.

Then it was our turn.

Matt and Kitty Claws talked about all the rides, shows and attractions we have available for visitors during Happy Halloween Weekends.

Well, Kitty mostly purred.

Next, our Graveyard Smash zombies performed the Thriller dance and chatted it up with John.

They talked about how fun it is to perform as singing/dancing zombies on stage and then meeting-and-greeting the audience members afterwards, being careful not to scare the little ones.

Have you entered our Happy Halloween Weekends Sweepstakes yet? We'll choose three winners at random on Monday, who will each receive two one-day tickets to 2013's Halloween event. Good luck to all!

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