By Paula @ Holiday World

Since selfies – and zombies, for that matter – are all the rage these days, we present to you the cast of Graveyard Smash, Selfie Edition.

First, the understated rocker, Sharkey, whose hair stands at attention for all eternity.

Rocker zombie

Next. ghostly Leah shows how a touch of color can make any zombie more fascinating.


Wolfman Will howled when we asked him to give us a grin.


Clearly, Pirate Katelyn has fallen behind in her flossing regimen since becoming a zombie.

Pirate Katelyn

If undertaker Trevor's eyebrows were wooly worms, we'd be in for record snowfall this winter!

Undertaker Trevor

"It's not easy being green," says witchy-woman Lauren.

Witch Lauren

Apparently, vampire Brian won the draw to give us this oh-so-attractive duck-lips selfie.

Vampire Brian

And finally, Lauren – our living doll.

Or not.

(She is a zombie, after all.)

Lauren the broken doll

And here they all are, together and undead.

It's the time of the season for them to sing and dance

… but after October 27, our zombies will disappear for another year, so do not delay.

Tickets for Happy Halloween Weekends are available online, discounted to less than $25 per person ($17.95 for Guests-under-54" and Seniors). With Graveyard Smash, other Halloween shows, great rides, spooky mazes and 2,913 pumpkins, it's a spooktacular time!

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