By Paula @ Holiday World

Planning to join us for Happy Halloween Weekends?

Be sure to grab a show schedule so your little ones can catch Kitty's Dance Party toward the end of the day.

The more the merrier!

You and the kiddos will quickly discover that Kitty isn't just into ballet, as her choice of skirt and slippers might suggest.

She can boogie, twist and sashay with the best of them!

Kitty's Dance Party takes place in front of the Holiday Theater, (the red building which is the venue for Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure).

There's plenty of room for Kitty, Holidog, and their little friends to move to the music. Children are welcome to dance in their Halloween costumes, but it's not necessary.

Our cuddly kitty cat can also come home with you, in miniature form. We hear reports from parents whose children love to carry Kitty with them wherever they go that she's holding up very well under all that lovin'.


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