By Paula @ Holiday World

Fall protection? Who needs protection from brilliantly colored leaves and crisp, cooler weather?

Oh … that kind of fall. This morning started off with safety training.

This is Richard:

Safety training

Richard spoke to our staff members who don't just dream of going high places as part of their job. These hard-working members of our team aim high in every way.

Who gathered in the plaza at Splashin' Safari this morning? Let's see, it was our Coaster Cats, Maintenance Technicians, IT, Warehouse, Carpenters, Painters, Grounds and even a member of Communications (Nathan likes to take wide shots of corn mazes from way-up-high), plus our Safety Committee. They all pulled together to gain new knowledge about fall protection.

Safety Training

Safety Craig holds a sample of a safety harness that's only used for training. See the "Danger" tag? How better to learn what to look for on your safety harness than to study one that's been deemed unsafe?

Safety Craig at fall-protection training

Lee and Tony are going over every inch of their harnesses. They're looking at the stitching and checking the fabric to make sure it isn't worn. The metal pieces are also examined to be sure they're not nicked or otherwise damaged.

Lee and Tony check their safety harnesses

Safety Craig and Coaster Cat Drew work through the checklist. And then they check it twice (Santa's rubbed off on us over the years!).

Safety Craig and Drew

When your office has no walls or ceiling, you're glad for days like today.

Coaster Cats

Stay safe, everyone!


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