By Paula @ Holiday World

Ah, there's more than a kernel of truth to that – we are, indeed, a park surrounded by cornfields!

And during Happy Halloween Weekends, we bring the cornfields into the park:

Corn maze at Holiday World

It's interesting to witness the different approaches taken by the amazing mazers.

Some families grab a map and power-walk their way through the stalks in 15 or 20 minutes, while others happily meander map-free through the 12 acres, enjoying the sunshine and cooler temperatures.

Corn maze at Holiday World

No worries, we have an "escape" plan for anyone who who is ready to pop out, but can't quite find the exit. (This corn is a whole lot taller than last year's crop!)

Holiday World corn maze

Here's a look at how the corn maze was designed and then cut:

Our corn mazes are included in your admission to Happy Halloween Weekends. Tickets are available online, discounted to less than $25 per person ($17.95 for Guests-under-54" and Seniors). With Graveyard Smash, other Halloween shows, great rides, spooky mazes and 2,913 pumpkins … well, when it comes to family-friendly celebrations, we like to think we're outstanding in our field.

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