By Paula @ Holiday World

Growing up in the 1960s, my dad fought the good fight to teach his children proper English.

That included the use of the word "hey."

Such a harmless word by today's standards, but to this day when I hear someone say, "Hey!" I hear Dad's voice, "Hay is for horses."

How ironic that I would end up living in rural southern Indiana, married to a farmer.

Hay is for horses! And, I've learned, moo-cows.

Hay, it seems, is also for Happy Halloween Weekends:

Eeeeek! I'm thinking even the horses won't be nibbling on this hay bale:

Smaller bales provide safety bumpers for our young farmers as they pedal furiously around their special tractor track.

The fall rains have encouraged new growth on the bales. Wonder if we should bring in some HoliGoats for a quick snack?

Continuing on our agri-tourism theme, we took the concept of a sandbox and went a little corny.

That's right, a Corn Box.

And finally, we have hayrides to take you out to our 12 acres of corn mazes.

Happy Halloween Weekends tickets are available online, discounted to just $24.95 per person ($17.95 for Guests-under-54" and Seniors).

Hey! We hope you can join us!

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