By Paula @ Holiday World

Happy Halloween Weekends may be over for another year, but we still have some stories to tell and photos to share.

Our Graveyard Smash zombies took a walk on Sunday to enjoy a bit of fresh air.

They even posed in some of our Halloween photo cut-outs.

Wait a minute! Lauren doesn’t seem to like Drac Brian’s witchy-poo imitation …

There, that’s better.

And now we add the rest of the lovelies to our souvenir photo.

Before heading back for the next show, Zombie Lauren (the un-living doll) had a thirst for … a soft drink.

As she entered the Pepsi Oasis, the air curtain set Lauren’s eyelashes a-fluttering – she nearly took flight!

Whether you’re batting your eyelashes or batting for the World Series, we wish you a safe and fun Halloween!

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