By Paula @ Holiday World

Happy Halloween Weekends may be over for another year, but we still have some stories to tell and photos to share.

Our Graveyard Smash zombies took a walk on Sunday to enjoy a bit of fresh air.

They even posed in some of our Halloween photo cut-outs.

Graveyard Smash zombies

Wait a minute! Lauren doesn’t seem to like Drac Brian’s witchy-poo imitation …

There, that’s better.

Graveyard Smash zombies

And now we add the rest of the lovelies to our souvenir photo.

Zombies at Holiday World

Before heading back for the next show, Zombie Lauren (the un-living doll) had a thirst for … a soft drink.

As she entered the Pepsi Oasis, the air curtain set Lauren’s eyelashes a-fluttering – she nearly took flight!

Whether you’re batting your eyelashes or batting for the World Series, we wish you a safe and fun Halloween!

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