By Paula @ Holiday World

When you work at a theme park with ridiculously clever people, you never know ahead of time what each day will bring.

But this, actually, was scheduled ahead of time.

Holidog's photo shoot

This was taken during a photo shoot for our 2014 HoliWood Nights flyer. Yes, Holidog was getting ready for his close-up.

That's Ashley, our special events manager (and Holidog's celebrity stylist), taking care of fur and make-up for the shoot.

Holidog's no diva, he arrived in the zone, ready to work.

And what exactly is HoliWood Nights, you may ask? It's our special event for members of roller coaster enthusiast clubs. We partner each season with about a dozen clubs; their members visit us for some crazy fun the weekend after Memorial Day each year.

And by special event, we mean ERT. And by ERT, we mean Exclusive Ride Time. That means after the park closes for the evening we open our trio of wooden roller coasters back up for some in-the-dark rides. The Coaster Crazies (the name we affectionately call the collective club members) have a blast – it's like a huge family reunion with old friends – and new friends – sharing a passion for extreme fun.

Interested in learning more? Our HoliWood Nights special events page lists our partner clubs and lots more. The 2014 event flyer will be posted on that page soon. We hope you can join us!

You can bet our poster-pup will hound us to be allowed to attend …

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