By Paula @ Holiday World

… you don't get a lot of sympathy when you work (and eat) long hours, day after day.

Meet our Food & Beverage managers, Andrea and Tammy. Plus Jason, our F&B director.

They've been eating their way through November.

Poor dears.

They have to; it's their job.

After all, who do you think picks out the new food ideas for next year?

Our taste-testing trio went to Indianapolis last week for several days of sampling.

All kinds of wraps:

And many flavors of gelato:

Full yet?

No? Good! Because the tasty tasting moved to the park this week.

The fabulous bakery boys arrived on Tuesday to prepare for a Wednesday filled with sweets and treats.

We dubbed Doug the Sticky Buns Man.

The pastries were numerous beyond belief. Every office got a tray of breakfast goodies to sample.

That afternoon, I had to head over to the merchandise warehouse to pick up more Grab Bag Shirts for the HoliShop and saw yet another sweets-laden tray.

"Why are these here?" Vanessa wailed. She's our very trim retail director.

All things in moderation.

Yeah. Right.

Tammy had to lean over to get a good look at this contraption.

Any idea what it is?

The syrup in the foreground gave it away, I bet.

A pancake maker! Have you ever heard of such a thing?

We can't wait to see what's in store for Mrs. Klaus' Kitchen in 2014.

I have a feeling we'll all have our cake and we'll eat it, too!

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