By Paula @ Holiday World

Have you ever ridden Gobbler Getaway and not picked up one of those turkey caller gizmos? (Repeat after me: We're not shooting turkeys, we're calling them!)

Have you? I didn't think so … silly question, that.

Gobbler Getaway at Holiday World

Well. If you take away the interactive part of Gobbler Getaway, what you have left is a beautiful ride in the country.

Autumn Falls is the name of this colorful town; take a look:

A little side note: As Nathan was shooting video of this ride, he first rode in the turkey trotter (yes, that's what we call them; we are a theme park after all!) and then walked through the ride with his camera.

While shooting the "off board" video, Nathan leaned back against some of the scenery. As a turkey trotter full of Guests happened by, apparently one of the riders had good aim and "called" a turkey.

The turkey happened to be right next to Nathan, and as it popped up, it … well, goosed him.

A fowl trick indeed!

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