By Paula @ Holiday World

What's the scariest phrase ever uttered here during the off-season?

"Okay, we need a few volunteers …"

Let me be a bit more precise: What's the scariest phrase ever uttered here at a staff luncheon during the off-season?

Yes, that's it. No good ever comes from volunteering at a staff luncheon. Especially in December.

… because a bit of embarrassment in front of your peers is no doubt just around the corner.

Christmas game

Here's a look at four of our volunteers for this rather silly Christmas game.

That's Josh, our HR director, on the left. He's not a bit competitive. No, not at all. That's obvious.

Tori, our Theme Park Attractions director is next; she's getting a stretch in before the competition starts. Warm ups are important for her department.

Next is Jennifer, our Marketing director. It's easy to see she's working out a brilliant strategy and is writing a creative brief in her head. Because that's what marketing directors do.

And on the right, Lori, our Water Park Attractions director is about to helplessly laugh her antlers off – it was just that silly.

These four – and several others who managed to dodge the camera – were charged with being the first to achieve RNS (that stands for Red-Nose Status).

Their instructions? Get your nose to stick first and you win.

How to stick?

Petroleum jelly.

Ewww. I know.

The start buzzer rang and … go, Rudolph, go!

Silly HoliStaff Trick

Good air-time there, Josh!

At this point, Lori's wondering how to escape the madness …


Nice nose goo there, Lori. Ewww.

Meanwhile, look to the left. Josh the Red-Nosed Victor has already declared himself the winner.

During his victory dance, Josh's nose popped back off, but no one seemed to mind. We were too busy laughing at the absurdity of it all.

Josh wins

Josh won a cool prize, plus a supply of free, unlimited tissues to scrape the goo off his face.

And – most importantly – the admiration of his red-nosed peers.

Red-nosed winners

Merry Christmas to you and your family from all of us here at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. We hope you take time during this holiday season for a bit of silly fun.

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