By Lauren R.

We add a new blogger to our ranks this week; Lauren R. is our new Communications Coordinator.

Here's her first post:

“Make sure you don’t clock-in until you take that nail polish off!”

I recognized the voice coming through the HoliMarket window. And yes, I'd forgotten to take off the aqua blue nail polish I'd worn during my vacation to Florida.

Frankie already had the nail polish remover waiting for me on the counter. She sweetly reassured me that as long as I removed the blue polish before clocking-in, I would be just fine.


Mathew and FrankieThis was not Frankie's first uniform "crisis" of the day, and it certainly wasn’t her last.

This tiny lady does not hesitate to enforce our rules, even when the Host or Hostess is almost twice her size (such as Mathew from Admissions, left). And Frankie does so calmly and with great wit.

She could make even the most rule-conscious 14-year-old crack a smile when dealing with a uniform issue. And no matter what the situation, the conversation ends with a cheery, "Thank you!"

Today is Frankie's 86th birthday, and it is our turn to thank her for all the hard work and dedication she has given to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari.

Since she started here alongside her husband in 1996, she has worked in lots of departments throughout the park including the Print Shop, Rides, Food & Beverage, and even as a Slide Attendant in Splashin’ Safari. Over those nearly two decades, she found her home in what is now called the HoliMarket, where she has assisted countless Hosts and Hostesses with their uniforms (and washed her fair share of mop heads) all while ensuring our Employee Services lobby looks spic and span.

It seems anyone who has ever encountered Frankie over the years has a wonderful story about how she has helped them in some way or provided them with a good laugh. Andrea, our Print Shop Manager, loves to tell how Frankie "built" boxes for a coupon mailing. Andrea told Frankie she could assemble as many as would fit in the available area.

After some time had passed, Andrea turned around from her work to discover Frankie's interpretation of "available area" included … up.

Frankie's pyramid   

We're still not sure exactly how she stacked the boxes that high!

Although the HoliMarket is now Frankie's home-away-from-home, some departments "borrow" her when an extra set of hands is needed. Lori, who heads up Splashin' Safari, is a big fan: “Frankie is one of those cheerful, dependable people who is always willing to help out. I wish we had a hundred Frankies!”

Matt, our president, breaks into a grin when our birthday girl's name comes up. “Frankie is truly an ‘icon’ here at the park. I have so much admiration for her spunk and fierce love of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. I always know that when I need something from Frankie, she will do so with a smile, and I will walk away laughing because of her quick wit.”

Thank you, Frankie, for taking care of so many potential uniform crises season after season and touching the lives of thousands of Hosts and Hostesses (plus our full time staff) over your years with us.

Happy Birthday – and many, many happy returns!

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