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Facebook just added an embedding feature, so we can share favorite posts here on the HoliBlog.

It's like a new recipe, I simply must try it!

It turns out there's not yet a way to adjust the width of the embedded post, so it's spilling over to the right side more than it should.

Theme park magic

Sometimes the most unexpected surprise for our Guests can be something other than a ride …

Clearly, opening our new lockers via wristband is a fascinating process …

We've even received appreciative feedback that the new lockers are so much larger …

That last Vine video was made in fun, of course; they didn't shut the door with that little rascal inside.

Cameras on rides?

As you know if you read the signs in our park (or here on our website), we only allow cameras to be used on six of our rides: Holidog Express, Star Spangled Carousel, Doggone Trail, Gobbler Getaway, Prancer's Merry-Go-Round, and the Lewis & Clark Trail.

These Vine videos are perfectly "legal" and quite cute:

Here's another great driver:

Please abide by our safety rules and only bring cameras (any type, including cell phones and GoPros) on the above-listed rides. Thank you!

Up on a roof top

Three or four times each season, some poor soul has to climb up on a roof top. (No, not Santa. It's the wrong time of year for him to be up there.)

You know which roof top I'm talking about if you've ever ridden Voyage.

And what is harvested? A bucket of hair ties!

Bucket of Hair ties

There's something about coaster hair

Crazy kids!

Rock the Campground

We're just a week away from our second annual Rock the World event!

Our headliner is Switchfoot, with Kutless, Audio Adrenaline, Adam Cappa and an outstanding collection of regional bands rounding out the event.

Rock the World 2013

Our friends and neighbors next door at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort just announced a special offer, so if you'd like to rent one of their cabins or RVs for August 23 and/or 24, you can save $20 each night. Please call 1-877-478-3657 to reserve your cabin or RV and be sure to mention "Rock the World Package" when making your reservation.

Adam Cappa at Rock the WorldAs a bonus to all campers at Lake Rudolph next weekend, Adam Cappa and his band will perform an acoustic set at 9:00am CT on Sunday, August 25, at Lake Rudolph's Outdoor Pavilion, immediately following their non-denomi- national church service. Adam is an American contemporary Christian-Rock singer born and raised in Richmond, Indiana. His album, The Rescue, is his first full-length studio album.

He looks pretty stoked about this, doesn't he?

Rock the World tickets are available online.


Voyage trains update

For four years, we have worked in partnership with Gravitykraft Corp. to test a new style of roller coaster train for The Voyage, our award-winning wooden roller coaster.

We very much appreciate Gravitykraft’s efforts in this process, however ultimately we have decided to continue running the existing trains on our three wooden coasters.


Pop goes the culture

It's so much fun working in the "all ages" environment we have here at Holiday World.

There's so much energy mixed in with the sense of history. We've helped make memories for 67 years.

One drawback I've found, though, is having to explain pop-culture references to the younger generation.

Pop-culture references from, admittedly, a long time ago. Having to explain tends to take a little of the fizz out of the "pop."

For instance, a few years back we welcomed a new Maintenance Director.

Tony Perkins.

If you're a Hitchcock fan or were around in 1960, you'll recognize the name. And, like me, you've probably already heard, "Eeeee! Eeeee! Eeeee!" in your head and made stabbing motions with your right hand.

If, however, you're wondering who Hitchcock is, I will shed a quiet tear.

Anyway, we've already told Tony's story here, so I'll continue with the next example.

Yesterday (our last day of "daily operation" for 2013), I mentioned that I hoped we wouldn't need to get out the Moose costume today.

"Watch it, Paula, you're dating yourself," teased Jason, our Foods Director.

Seriously? We've jumped ahead to 1983 now. Isn't National Lampoon's Vacation on every family's annual viewing list? I posed the question on our Facebook page and received instant affirmation.

And more than 700 likes.

Our next example, well … I'll think about that tomorrow.

We recently hosted two lovely visitors from Hong Kong's Ocean Park. They were here for a tour, some friendly networking, and to witness their park's plaque being added to our Applause Fountain in the Christmas Plaza.

Ocean Park added to Applause Foundation

We remember well how exciting it was a decade ago to be the smallest park ever to win the Applause Award. Every two years since, we've happily added a plaque to the fountain naming the newest winner of this international award.

When VP Eric told me the names of the two park reps – Executive Director of Operations & Entertainment Todd Hougland and Director of Marketing Vivian Lee – my immediate response was, "Fiddle-dee-dee!"

Ocean Park visitors

The long pause over the phone caused me to sigh. I'd done it again.

This time the reference was from a flick released in 1940. Neither of us happened to be around back then. But the female star of this epic film shares a name with our new friend from Hong Kong.

Well, tomorrow is another day and whether or not you give a dang we'll probably find another pop culture reference.

Such as …

Doesn't he look like Harry Potter?

… the third person back on this Wildebeest boat.

He sort of looks like a certain bespectacled wizard boy we've all watched grow up, don't you think?