So who won that HoliAuction we held to help tornado victims in Oklahoma?

Meet Keith.

Keith Wakes up with Voyage

After quite the bidding war in our HoliAuction, Keith triumphed, winning a prize pack overflowing with Holiday World memorabilia.

All proceeds (plus some generous donations from our staff, matched by the park) went to support the American Red Cross's tornado relief efforts.

Keith's auction winnings included being treated like royalty for a day at Holiday World.

At the last minute, unfortunately, his family and friends weren't able to join him in the trip from St. Louis, so Keith came solo.

Keith is a member of ACE, the American Coaster Enthusiasts. And enthusiasts have this thing called a Zen ride.

It's when you ride all by yourself …

Keith on the Lift Hill

Enthusiasts don't wake up with a cup of coffee in the morning. They get the day started right with adrenaline!

Keith sure looks awake as he races back to Voyage station on the cross-over! We have no doubt that he rode hands up the entire 1.2 miles.

Keith's Zen Ride

Zen ride.

Keith's auction winnings included a cabana for the day and his choice of lunch menu, which was corn dogs and fried Oreos.

Lunch companions included Coaster Cat Sean, Special Events Manager Ashley, and Communications Manager Nathan.

Keith's Lunch Delivery

Thanks to Keith – and everyone who joined in relief efforts this spring.

Rise and shine!

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Just between cousins

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Outstanding in our field

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Ah, mothers and daughters

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