Take a pass

As we close in on opening day (May 4), we hear from a lot of Season Pass holders who are hoping we'll invite them to get their new Season Passes processed ahead of time.

Sure enough, we have a number of days and times:

Season Pass processing

Still planning to order Season Passes for this year? Our current discounted prices are available through May 3.

Skating along to the finish line

As of today, April 4, we're exactly one month away from opening day.

That's for Holiday World; Splashin' Safari's first day is May 10.

Let's take a look at Hyena Falls, as our crews finish up with the biggest slide – the one with the half-pipe feature.

Hyena Falls fiberglass

The fiberglass snugs up to steel structure, where it is permanently attached.

Welding Hyena Falls

Hyena Falls' fourth slide will take riders in and out of darkness, then onto a wild half-pipe ending.

Hyena Falls construction

Here's a video update with a good long pan of the construction site.

Thinking this might be the year to get some season passes? We've got some dandy discounts available online through May 3.

Words to live by

Measure twice. Cut once.

Hyena Falls construction

When I first glanced at this, I thought someone had lost a contact. Been there!

Strange bedfellows

You never know what you'll find when wandering through one of our warehouses.

Some prizes for this year's games

These are just a few of the prizes for this year's Games. Recognize either character?

Wake up, you two!

After wintering in one of our warehouses, it's almost time for Jack & Jill to rise and shine for another season!

Jack & Jill

Seriously, I just want to reach out and tickle Jack's toes!

Six weeks to go!

Now that it's April, that countdown clock till opening is ticking louder and louder.

Five weeks till Holiday World opens. Six weeks for Splashin' Safari.

And Hyena Falls is pulling together, piece by piece.

Let's take a look:

Hyena Falls construction

Above is the end of the slide that has a Zinga-like half-pipe (or funnel) element to it.

So where's the funnel?

Here's some of the support structure:

Hyena Falls structure

And here's a look at some of the slide structure already put in place. (Not to worry, we'll scrub off any organic materials before riders take a turn.)

Hyena Falls structure

And here's a mighty-big piece of slide – um, sliding into place.

Hyena Falls construction

At the end of the day, no matter how big the equipment we use in constructing these huge projects, there are still tasks that even the uninitiated can recognize:

Caulking Hyena Falls

Thanks to all of our hardworking construction crews for putting up with this slow-arriving spring. The weather forecast is looking far more friendly as we head into the home stretch.

Here's our fly-around animation, so you can decide ahead of time which slide you want to ride first:

Hyena Falls opens, along with the rest of Splashin' Safari, on Friday, May 10. Hope you'll join us!

When will it stop?!

Poor Holidog had a rude awakening this morning – another crazy winter storm!

Another crazy surprise storm!

But then our perspicacious pup turned the page on the calendar and realized the date: April Fools Day.

Did we get you?

Fly away home

Eagles Flight Setup

The swallows may come back to Capistrano … but for us, it’s the Eagles that come back to Holiday World.

Maintenance Matt and Tom are moving one of our smiling birds back into place.

Eagles Flight

And that’s Billy on top getting everything secure.

Eagles FLight

The entire process took … oh, about a minute:

The Orientation express

A warm welcome to our new seasonal employees!

Here's our latest group of "rookies," sitting down for the first part of their Orientation, which is followed by a walking tour of the park.

Orientation for new seasonals

We still have a few openings for positions in Rides, Lifeguards, Foods, Games and Grounds. Please apply here if you'd like a seasonal job with perks including plenty of sunshine, smiles, and laughter.