When your office is on the 10th floor …

… but you don't have any walls …


… it's much appreciated when the railing for your safety harness gets at much TLC as you give to your coasters!

Our Coaster Cats wear safety harnesses so they can "tie off" when they're up on the coaster structure. This new safety installation makes that process even safer and easier.

An “IT Men” sequel

Casey, one of the IT Men

Our first IT Men webisode (1.0 of course) was so well received, Nathan put together a sequel.

Webisode 2.71828, that is. (Get it?)

Casey, one of the IT Men

Sure you do.

What else would you like to see the IT Men do around the park?

Post a comment below and we just might produce Webisode 3.14.

A sign of spring

The new sign for the nation's tallest water ride is up:

Giraffica sign

So what's the story behind the name change? Click back to this HoliBlog post for all the details.

Contest: Mystery photo

It's time for another contest!

All you need to do is tell us what is shown in this Mystery Photo …

This time around, we will have three winners. Each winner will be mailed two one-day tickets. Details below.

Mystery photo

A few rules:

1. Must be 13 or older to enter.

2. Must not be an employee or immediate family member of Holiday World & Splashin' Safari.

3. Only one guess per email address, please. (No multiple entries this time around. Either get it right or make it LOL funny*.)

4. If you've won tickets from one of our contests within the past six months, you're not elegible to win. If it's been more than six months – have at it!

5. Judges' decision is final. It always is.

6. First person to email us with the correct answer wins. If you're not first, but you're correct, we'll throw your name in our HoliHat and will hold a drawing for a second winner. *Plus, the person who makes us laugh the loudest with the most outlandishly wrong guess also wins. (So I guess that means we need to set a deadline … okay, next Thursday at noon. That's 3/14/13 at 12 noon CDT. That's right: CDT. Set your clocks back this weekend. Already.)

How to enter? Must be by email and to this address: contest@holidayworld.com. (If you win, we'll contact you via email, so please be sure to use an address you check frequently.)

Good luck!

A Mankind for all seasons

We may not be open for the season for another two months, but look who stopped by anyway:

Mick Foley and Santa

World Wrestling legend (and WWE Hall of Famer, as of next month) Mick Foley has a gig in Louisville tonight, so that Christmas-loving man spent the afternoon with us.

Not too many folks are tall enough to whisper in our Santa statue's ear … but Mick managed to pass along a few secrets from his children back home in New York.

So what do you think – would Mick make a good Santa's Helper? Please post your comments below …

The Liberty Launchers

"We're a theme park, for heaven's sake – if we can't have fun on the job, who can?!"

That's one of my favorite Will Koch quotes – the best part was that it was always followed by laughter.

He wanted all of us – full-time and seasonal – to have fun working here. It was a family tradition.

As we hire and train more than two thousand seasonal employees for this year, we'll instill in them the importance of safety, service, friendliness and cleanliness (our four cornerstones).

And we'll encourage them to also have fun.

The Liberty Launchers

Have you ever noticed the little building on the north side of Liberty Launch?

I bet you'll look at it from now on …

Look like fun? We're still hiring fun ride operators, fun lifeguards, fun sweepers, fun pizza makers, fun ticket-takers … you get the picture. Just click here to apply.


So what exactly is a “clinker”?

None of these fine gentlemen, of course.

They’re working hard creating the pump pit for our new Hyena Falls.

Hyena Falls pump pit construction

They’re pouring the concrete quite carefully so that it’s even and cures properly.

So who’s at the top end of the long chute?


Why, it’s Gary! He’s in charge of watching for “clinkers.”

Basically, a clinker is a chunk of already-cured concrete which has clung to one of the fins inside the cement mixer.

As a totally unenlightened female, what comes to mind is my KitchenAid mixer – and how I have to stop it mid-mix to scrape the brownie batter off the beaters. (Oh, and to have a taste as well.)

A clinker can be far more serious than a simple lump in the brownie pan. So if Gary misses one of the cured clumps, he hollers, “Clinker!” to warn the crew below to fish out the clump and toss it in the reject pile.

Okay, so now that we’re talking about brownies, I just have to share my recipe for Voyage Extreme Brownies (they’re every bit as extreme as The Voyage!). This recipe will never be called a clinker – promise!

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