Letters to Santa

It’s that time again … or nearly.

The Santa’s Elves here in town are looking forward to helping Santa answer a blizzard of mail from letter-writers the world over!

The great debate

Mayo or Miracle Whip?


A dog-eared photo

When you work at a theme park with ridiculously clever people, you never know ahead of time what each day will bring.

But this, actually, was scheduled ahead of time.

Holidog's photo shoot

This was taken during a photo shoot for our 2014 HoliWood Nights flyer. Yes, Holidog was getting ready for his close-up.

That's Ashley, our special events manager (and Holidog's celebrity stylist), taking care of fur and make-up for the shoot.

Holidog's no diva, he arrived in the zone, ready to work.

And what exactly is HoliWood Nights, you may ask? It's our special event for members of roller coaster enthusiast clubs. We partner each season with about a dozen clubs; their members visit us for some crazy fun the weekend after Memorial Day each year.

And by special event, we mean ERT. And by ERT, we mean Exclusive Ride Time. That means after the park closes for the evening we open our trio of wooden roller coasters back up for some in-the-dark rides. The Coaster Crazies (the name we affectionately call the collective club members) have a blast – it's like a huge family reunion with old friends – and new friends – sharing a passion for extreme fun.

Interested in learning more? Our HoliWood Nights special events page lists our partner clubs and lots more. The 2014 event flyer will be posted on that page soon. We hope you can join us!

You can bet our poster-pup will hound us to be allowed to attend …

Sweepstakes: Don’t miss the boat!

Congratulation to our winner, Kimberly M. of Brownstown, Indiana! Kimberly wins two Season Passes to Holiday World & Splashin' Safari for 2014! Thanks to all who entered our sweepstakes!


Brace yourself for lots of Mayflower puns over the next several months!

Season Pass Sweepstakes

The "boat" we don't want you to miss is the deepest discounts being offered for 2014 Season Passes. This discount was supposed to disappear after October 27, but we extended the deadline a few extra weeks.

Here's a chart showing the discount levels (our deepest discounts run through November 13):

2014 Season Passes at Holiday World

Meanwhile, we just launched a Season Pass Sweepstakes – you may enter daily through next Wednesday at noon:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And here's the link to enter via your mobile device. One lucky winner will be chosen at random.

Good luck to all!

Get your witchy face on!

Many have marveled about the look of our zombies in Graveyard Smash.

Did you know our un-dead do their own hair and makeup?

Graveyard Smash at Holiday World

They are really quite resourceful.

Here’s a quick look at Lauren, our zombie witch, as she prepares for another thriller day:

Happy Halloween!

A stroll with the zombies

Graveyard Smash zombies

Happy Halloween Weekends may be over for another year, but we still have some stories to tell and photos to share.

Our Graveyard Smash zombies took a walk on Sunday to enjoy a bit of fresh air.

They even posed in some of our Halloween photo cut-outs.

Graveyard Smash zombies

Wait a minute! Lauren doesn’t seem to like Drac Brian’s witchy-poo imitation …

There, that’s better.

Graveyard Smash zombies

And now we add the rest of the lovelies to our souvenir photo.

Zombies at Holiday World

Before heading back for the next show, Zombie Lauren (the un-living doll) had a thirst for … a soft drink.

As she entered the Pepsi Oasis, the air curtain set Lauren’s eyelashes a-fluttering – she nearly took flight!

Whether you’re batting your eyelashes or batting for the World Series, we wish you a safe and fun Halloween!

Greetings from Gourdon

Did you meet Gourdon the Pumpkin this fall? He's carved out quite a niche for himself during Happy Halloween Weekends.

Who better than Gourdon to host our 2014 promotional video for Happy Halloween Weekends?

Gourdon even has his own 3D glasses for Holidog's 3D Halloween Adventure:

Gourdon the Pumpkin at Holiday World

And who better than Gourdon the Pumpkin to make this Vine video, with our Halloween greetings:

Happy Halloween to one and all from everyone here at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari!

Once upon a time in Santa Claus Land

Ever wondered how many families have taken photos with our Santa statue over the years?

It's a bunch, we know that much. This cute photo from March of 1976 (those little munchkins are Karena G. and Shannon P.) was posted on Instagram and is from our Santa Claus Land days.

In the Graveyard with “the girls”

Somebody's career planning, thanks to her visit to Holiday World at the tender age of two. Her mom tells the story:

I wanted to share with you how much my daughter loves the shows at Holiday World. Each time we came to Holiday World throughout the season, our 2 year old daughter has demanded to go see the shows, even wanting to sit & wait for the shows, never complaining, or asking when they will be on, simply waiting patiently for the show. The Halloween show has particularly gained her love, as you can see, she is very fond of "the girls."

Graveyard Smash

We have found a clip of 2012 Graveyard Smash on YouTube, which she has been able to approximate, and sing some of the words.  Since our visit 3 weeks ago, she has talked about "the girls" non stop! 

Graveyard Smash

Our visit, even spurred a change of Halloween costume choice from Nemo (which she has only seen once, last December) to a 'silly' purple kitty cat. After our visit last week, she "called" them & informed us they would be coming over to eat, and invited them to her aunt's house to go swimming with her. Any time she sees the computer out, she asks to watch "the girls" who have also become "her" girls and her friends. 

Graveyard Smash

Thank you for the great show and for stimulating the creativity and imagination of our daughter. She is definitely a performer, which has exploded over the past few weeks. I'll remind her of all of this in about 15 years, when she's auditioning for the shows at Holiday World. For now, our Holiday World fun, continues, daily in our home. 

Thank you for a great summer.  Lori O., Downers Grove, Illinois