By Paula @ Holiday World

Okay, up until about three years ago, I’d never heard of this phenomenon.


Wikipedia explains it at great length, if you’d like the whole story. In brief, it’s faking someone out by sending them a link to a great video. But no matter what you promised, you’re sending them this:

Guess I should have warned you, this song will give you an earworm like none other!


Anyway, about three years ago, Eric sent me a link to a video he thought I would really enjoy.

At first, I thought he’d sent me the wrong link. “Never gonna give you up”? I don’t think so …

Eric just laughed, “You’ve been Rickrolled!”



What are you talking about?!

This went on for quite a while. When Eric finally convinced me this was a real “thing,” I promised to myself that some day there’d be an eRicRoll.

And today was that day.

In short, we were making decisions about priorities when discussing a project with an outside vendor. One item in particular was tabled for later.

“One less hill to climb” was a phrase used at the end of the conversation.

“One less egg to fry,” I added, hoping Eric was familiar with the classic Fifth Dimension song from the ’60s.

Oh, you don’t know that song? I’ll send you the link.

I really intended to, too. But suddenly I remembered that promise I’d made to myself so very many years ago.

And …

Eric's been Rickrolled!

A little bit later, Eric called me (I guess I should mention that he’s now my boss): “I can’t believe you Rickrolled me!”

I believe I detected more than a hint of admiration in his tone.

Nathan nearly fell out of his chair laughing. He had just started working here when the original Rickroll occurred. LaurenR, well she didn’t know what we were talking, laughing, or singing about.

But she does now, poor thing.

I didn’t end there. I took my glee to Twitter:

That’s pretty cool when the folks at the State Tourism office join in the fun.

As this day rolls down, we leave you with the following sage advice from the man of the hour:

Rickrolling at Holiday World

Final note: I know this video is from 1987. But I have to ask … is Rick wearing Mom Jeans?