By Paula @ Holiday World

As you’ve probably noticed, we launched our new website yesterday. (The “giving birth” metaphor was bandied about quite a bit; I do admit to using the Lamaze breathing method a few times. It helped.)

In celebration of our new site, Lauren put this graphic together for our #TransformationTuesday:

So what do you think? Please post your feedback!

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2 Responses to “New year, new website”

  1. Doug

    Sorry, but I don’t like the new website. It looks like it is only meant to be viewed on a tablet. Also, the Holiblog seems to have lost it’s RSS feed.

  2. Paula

    Thanks for the feedback, Doug – this site is definitely designed for multiple devices, including desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. If you’re having any specific problems with the site please let us know, as we’re still working on it every day. Also, please check at the bottom of any page of our website for the “Get Social” block to find the site’s RSS feed signup (or sign up for blog posts via email at the top right portion of this page). Again, thanks for your feedback!