By Paula @ Holiday World

Anyone else spending a considerable amount of time this week grumbling about the frigid temperatures?

When you see it’s one degree outside, it’s hard to respond in a cheerful way.

So when we heard that our Mammoth boats are heading to North Carolina for some rest and relaxation, we nearly had a riot on our hands.

Mammoth boats from Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Paul, Michael and Mike packing up the Mammoth boats.

No fair! Why the trip to warm and sunny North Carolina? And why can’t the rest of us go?

Did you know our Mammoth boats aren’t just inflated rafts? They each have a 200-pound steel plate in them.


That’s because of the linear induction motors (LIMs) which propel the boats magically up the hills (gravity takes care of the downhill portion). This is a greatly oversimplified explanation, but the push up the hill is produced by magnetic forces. So the LIMs in the Mammoth flume use massive magnets to give the steel-plated boats a smooth but powerful push up each Mammoth hill.

In North Carolina, inspectors will check each boat and provide any TLC they may need to get them ready for this summer.

Because summer really isn’t that far off … right?


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