By Paula @ Holiday World

It’s a rite of passage here: that first search for the perfect white running shoe.

Or walking shoe.

Or tennis shoe.


Jennifer from Marketing was all a flutter yesterday, proudly announcing she’d found not-one-but-two perfect pairs of white shoes for the summer (read: park uniform) season.

I could barely conceal the urge to slowly shake my head.

Ah, Grasshopper. We don’t choose the shoe. The shoe chooses us.

We don’t know whether we’ve found the exact fit until that first 10-hour day out in the park.

Don’t worry, I assured her. I keep talcum powder in my office. And band-aids. And chocolate.

Jennifer has been on board here for about four months. She’s a hoot.

Matt says his favorite thing about Jennifer is when she gets laughing really, really hard … she snorts. A totally loud, unladylike snort.

It’s awesome

For me, that snort is something to aspire to. It’s like this game:

Ring the bell, Holidog!

The challenge in the game is to get that bell to ring.

My challenge with Jennifer is to get her laughing hard enough that she snorts.


Music to my ears.

As an old timer here, I’ve tried to share little helpful hints with Jennifer.

Things that I’ve learned the hard way.

For example: I congratulated her for her forethought in purchasing two pairs of white shoes for the long summer. And advised her to keep the second pair in her office.

That way, when you get caught in a downpour out in the park – and-trust-me-you-will – you can go back in your office and put on your dry shoes.

Jennifer thanked me and started to leave my office.

Wait! Here’s the second part of that tip: keep a second pair of socks in your office, too.

Oh, I learned that one the hard way.

And I’d have felt like a heel (a soaking wet heel) not to pass it along.



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