By Paula @ Holiday World

That slightly re-written line from Broadway’s iconic “A Chorus Line” says it all.

Getting up in front of a judges’ table to sing and dance your heart out is a remarkably brave (and scary) thing to do.

Auditions are gut-wrenchingly difficult for the judges, too. They truly want everyone to do their very best. They wish they could cast every last auditionee.

Holiday World audtions for 2014: February 8I asked our staff members who have served in this capacity over the years for some tips.

They nearly blew up the text window on my phone with their flurry of suggestions.

And here are those Tips (before reading, though, please note all of these suggestion come from the judges’ experiences away from the park – so if you’ve auditioned here before, we’re not talking about you):

Lori: Use an accompaniment – do not sing a cappella at an audition.

Eric: Know the words.

Leah: Don’t pick a song that has inappropriate lyrics. It’s just uncomfortable for everyone.

Matt: Select a song that showcases your voice and your range – not a song you think we’ll want to hear. Song selection is critical.

Leah: Sing to everyone in the room. The ceiling isn’t going anywhere, nor is the floor. And singing to just one judge is weird. Trust me.

Lori: Practice in front of a mirror until you don’t look like a deer in the headlights. Try to relax and have fun!

Sandi: We want to hear you sing, not the original artist. Bring a accompaniment track without lead vocals.

Eric: If you aren’t a skilled guitar player, leave it at home.

Sandi: If you mess up, “own it.” We want to see if you have what it takes even if something goes wrong.

Lori: Know your song.

Leah: Think about the musical genres represented in our shows. Unless you can really belt out a showstopper, now is probably not the time for Broadway. Think ’80s hits, country, gospel. Show us you’re a fit for our shows.

Matt: Do not wear a lime-green unitard.

Sandi: Always wear a lime-green unitard.

(Hmmm … I detect a good story here, don’t you? In a nutshell, the guy in the lime-green unitard was remembered, but not for his singing or dancing. Sandi was just being sassy there.)

Matt: Impromptu splits during freestyle choreography is not looked upon favorably. Especially if you’re wearing a lime-green unitard.

Sandi: Have a portion of a song ready for each of our show styles, just in case. We may want you for the gospel show, but you auditioned with country. Be prepared!

Matt: Remember that we are looking for entertainers. In the past, some of our best entertainers have not necessarily been our best vocalists or dancers.

Lori: Sell, sell, sell!

Matt: Believe in yourself and know your audience. Make us believe that you are the best.

Auditions for our 2014 musical shows are coming up on February 8. Interested? Please check out the Auditions info here on our website.

And … break a leg!


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