By Paula @ Holiday World

We’ve been asked repeatedly: So what’s that round thing all about?

This thing, circled (by me) in green:

Mayflower medallion

That’s at the apex of the ride, right? (Trying to make my oldest son proud here … I’ve made my living with words, but still remember a math term or two.)

Anyway, apparently, it’s called a medallion. And we needed to submit our own medallion design to the ride creators to truly personalize our “swinging ship” ride as “the Mayflower.”

When the graphic posted below arrived in my Inbox, my first thought was, “Oh, I really want a commemorative plate …” I didn’t know what exactly it was for – or even who had designed it – until later; it was just a lovely surprise on a gloomy winter’s day.

And who designed our medallion?

A member of the Koch family’s fourth generation here at the park, Lauren.

Mayflower medallion

And how is the ride construction moving along? Just ask Tom – yes, in his shirtsleeves in February.

Truly a man who digs his work.

Construction - Mayflower

And where exactly is Tom digging? That lattice-worked structure in the background should give you a hint.

Mayflower site work

We will have more Mayflower updates for you here on the HoliBlog as we get closer to May. And spring. And warmth. There’s hope!

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And please post a comment here telling us what you think of our Mayflower medallion – now I want earrings, too!
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