By Paula @ Holiday World

When it looks like this outside:

Ice storm at Holiday World

With ice hanging from every branch, eave and flume …

Ice in Holiday World

Well, it’s just too cold for ice cream, isn’t it?

And there’s nothing left to do than join our Food & Beverage team in tasting … gelato. Yes, of course!

Foods Manager Michael happily sampled flavor after flavor.

It’s his job, after all.

Foods Michael sampling gelato

Meet Jim and Ron, the Gelato Guys. It was their job to keep all the names of the flavors straight – from Raspberry to Cappuccino …

Jim and Ron, Gelato Guys

… from Mango to Birthday Cake to Blood Orange.

Gelato tasting at Holiday World

And this yummy-looking Mint Chocolate Chip:

Mint Chocolate Chip gelato

What do you think – should we add gelato to the menu? If so, what flavors would you like us to offer?

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38 Responses to “It’s just too cold for ice cream!”

  1. Doug

    I recognize those 2 guys, they are the Gelato Davinci brothers. I am from the Northside of Indy and their gelato is the best ice cream ever. My kids could not get enough of the cake, and I always would get a fruit flavor. It is the best!

  2. Patrick

    When ice cream can not hit the spot, gelato sure makes up for it with all the delicious flavors and uniqueness that is hard to find in a frozen delight.

  3. Laura Euser

    Yes! Do it. And make anything with chocolate – especially dark chocolate (for example: dark chocolate salted caramel)! I’d buy it!

  4. Pam

    YES!! Gelato Da Vinci is the best! For me, it’s always a toss up between cake & stracciatella. You can’t go wrong with any flavor!

  5. Sue Shelton

    I absolutely adore Gelato. It is so refreshing and doesn’t sit as heavy on a full stomach as ice cream. There are so, so many different flavors. Anything you want. Please decide on having it to serve. you’ll be glad you did.

  6. Dave

    Huge fan of Gelato. Would love to see it at the park when we come down. Would be a GREAT addition and idea!!

  7. Angie Z.

    Most definitely. .having this awesome gelato snack at HL would be a huge plus !!! B Cake & any fruit flavors. !?

  8. Dennis

    I love their raspberry and mint chocolate flavors. Their gelato is the best! You will also love your working relationship with the Colvin family!

  9. Jerry

    I like the raspberry flavor gelato. Would be great to be able to enjoy it on a hot day while at Holiday World!

  10. Tara Parker

    I absolutely love their birthday cake flavor! But the plain chocolate is amazing too!

  11. Ryan Maddox

    Coconut!!! Also, it might be a bit out there, but the best gelato I have ever had was vanilla gelato with lobster bits in it, it sounds risky, but its REALLY GOOD!!

  12. Judi

    This would be an awesome addition to the park! I love Gelato Da Vinci and have tried gelato from many different places, none of which compare to Gelato Da Vinci’s flavors! My fav is crème bruele!

  13. barb

    I would love to have some Sorbet there. It is fat free and would be wonderful to cool off with in the water park. Its light and wonderful tasting.

  14. K. Dee

    Yes! Please include sorbet so may lactose intolerant daughter can have a treat too. Raspberry and Mango would be awesome.

  15. Judy

    My family and I love Gelato Da Vinci’s products and the Colvins! My favorites are Cappaciinno and Hazelnut.

  16. Corrie

    Just want to say I have worked with the family from Gelato Da Vinci. I carried their gelato in my shop. They are just a class act to work with and their product is fantastic. Our family goes to Holiday World every year, and we would love to see their gelato offered there. The best selling flavors are Cake Spectacular and Cosmo Crunch (which is Heath Bar toffee with chocolate bits in a vanilla base)! Um Yummmm!!! But all the flavors are great. Cappuccino Chip is also a great seller.

  17. Jodi

    My family would be thrilled to enjoy Gelato at your park. We love the birthday cake, fruity flavors, and of course anything with chocolate.