By Paula @ Holiday World

Oh, we’ve been wanting to start this video series for a long time!

Introducing: the Hard Hat Chronicles

With The Hard Hat Chronicles, we’ll show you all sorts of behind the scene looks at our always-evolving park.

Today, we begin with Mayflower:

This is just the start! We’d very much like to know what else you’d like James to explain in future episodes. Please post below!

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2 Responses to “Introducing: The Hard Hat Chronicles”

  1. Chris Riley

    I can’t believe this is all you all came up with. When will you all build a world class coaster that will go at least 130 mph(sustained) and last for 4 minutes. Have been to Holiday World a lot of times and I am getting tired of the same coasters and so are others that I talk to when I go.

  2. Robert Downie

    I am so excited about the Hard Hat Chronicles. It is a wonderful idea. I would love to see a picture of the Voyage’s track and support structure with all the various elements labeled (ledgers, lean batters, struts, and dags, for example).