By Paula @ Holiday World

This may look like a big hole right now, but in less than two months, we’ll fill it with ship.

Future home of the Mayflower

The Mayflower, that is.

Here’s a close-up of a bit of lovely rebar:

Rebar at the Mayflower construction site

I believe this is called the keel of the ship; it’s being created for us by Chance Rides.

The keel of the Mayflower

And here’s a similar piece from another angle:

Mayflower's keel

Ah, the Pilgrims never had it so good!

Sit down, Pilgrims!

Wow. You can tell it’s late on a Friday and time to go home. I keep hearing John Wayne’s voice in my head, “Sit down, Pilgrims!”

Did you catch our first installment of the Hard Hat Chronicles? We’re starting a series of video construction updates:

We sure hope you’re excited about riding Mayflower this season! Which seat will you try first – front, back or middle?

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4 Responses to “Someday, our ship will come in!”

    • Ryan Maddox

      yeah! i like that Idea!, now that there is no more “Pilgrims Plunge” it would be very unique to add a water feature twist into this ride

    • Susan Bowels

      From what I have seen it does not look like a ride where you will get wet. If so, it would be kind of dangerous. I think you are just sitting and swinging back and forth.