By Paula @ Holiday World

Do you look for the “first robin of spring” each year?

Around here, it’s the first ride of spring; the first ride to spring back to life after a long winter’s nap.

And the first ride of the season is …

Maintenance setting up the first ride of 2014

Comet’s Rockets in Rudolph’s Reindeer Ranch!

Here are three members of our maintenance crew – Anthony, Billy and Tom – getting the first rockets ready for launch.

Comet's Rockets, ready for another season

All we need now is cleaning, testing, training, and then …

Comet's Rockets at Holiday World

… just add children!

What’s next?

Can’t quite tell if Billy is carrying a seahorse – or a unicorn!

Putting Dasher's Seahorses back together for the season

Ah, there we go. Anthony has it figured out.

Dasher's Seahorses, assembled for the season

All the pretty seahorses, ready for spring.

Dasher's Seahorses, ready for the season

Have you ever seen a ride like Dasher’s Seahorses before? I’ve never heard of any other seahorse-go-rounds in existence. Please post if you know of another!

The month of March begins next week, can you believe it? The park will reawaken with lots of activity. We promise to keep you updated!

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