First, the Headless Horseman …

And now … the headless roofer?

The headless roofer?

Well, it made us take a second look!

The roofers are getting Safari Outpost ready for opening.

And what are these fellows up to?

Mrs. Klaus' Kitchen re-do

Take a hard-hat tour with James and Matt, in this week’s installment of the Hard Hat Chronicles:





Hoosier dummy?

Our test dummies are ready to roll!

They look like a rowdy bunch, don’t they?

Hoosier dummy?

Here’s a video of our water-filled dummies from a few years ago:

We open for the season on May 3 – these dummies get the run of the park until then!

Put them in a pumpkin shell …

As most of our staff is scurrying around preparing for the start of the season, there are some whose job it is to plan ahead.

For example, plan for Halloween:

Eric, Ashley and Lauren at the St. Louis Halloween show

Eric, Ashley and Lauren are scoping out ideas for Happy Halloween Weekends at the Halloween show in St. Louis this week.

Who could resist the temptation to step inside a huge pumpkin shell? (Especially when there’s a gruesome zombie coming down the aisle …)

Happy Halloween Weekends admission is included with Season Passes again this year. We hope you can carve out some family time and join us!

The process begins

The skies are bright blue and nearly everyone who’s working outdoors today is in his or her shirtsleeves.

Spring has arrived!

… and opening day is just six weeks away.

Something that’s even closer? Early Season Pass Processing.

Early Season Pass processing at Holiday World

On the above dates, during the specified times, we’d be glad to process your Season Pass for you so that it’s all ready for Opening Day. Just be sure to bring your voucher and last year’s season pass (if you had one and kept it). Park on our Raven Lot and head up to the Front Gate and our Admissions staff will take good care of you.

Been meaning to get Season Passes? They’re discounted through May 2.

Summer Fun Cards are on sale, too – this is a new option for folks who prefer to visit between the start of the season and Labor Day, excluding Saturdays.

Enjoy this spring weather!

Santa: As seen on TV

So what’s the deal with Santa in our new television commercials?

You know, this guy:

Santa in Holiday World's TV commercials

He gives a tour of our headquarters

… he chairs the boardroom meeting

… and holds his sizable head in his hands when the Pilgrim suggests offering Free Butter Churning Lessons at the park:

Free Butter Churning Lessons?

What’s the deal? The deal is, our iconic Santa Statue has come to life!

You know – this statue:

Santa Statue at Holiday World

Chances are, you’ve taken family photos in front of our Santa Statue more than once over the years.


Santa’s been here a long, long time. This photo is from 1956, during our Santa Claus Land days:

Iconic Santa Statue at Santa Claus Land

We take really good care of this iconic symbol of our park’s legacy. Our paint shop manager makes sure of it!

Painter giving Santa a new coat

Not everyone smiles for the camera, though; four-year-old (in 2009) cutie Avery Lee chose to make a silly face for her mommy’s scrapbook photo.

Avery Lee and the Santa statue

Here’s a fellow who is nearly tall enough to reach Santa’s ear for a good whisper:

Mick Foley whispers in Santa's ear

Yep, that’s our pal Mick Foley. A bit of an icon himself.

Since our commercials were produced just weeks before Christmas (when Santa is busier than busy up at the North Pole), our beloved Santa Statue stepped up to the plate.

Here he is, side by side: Statuesque Santa and As-Seen-On-TV Santa:

Side-by-side Santas

We ho-ho-hope you’ve enjoyed previewing our 2014 television commercials and entering our Reel Picks Sweepstakes (enter daily now through 2pm CDT on March 31, 2014)!