By Paula @ Holiday World

When it comes to our Coaster Cats, we’re feline thankful (that’s a joke, son).

Coaster Cats at work on Voyage track maintenance

In just about all kinds of weather, they’re out in the elements, taking care of our coasters.

One of this year’s off-season projects is retracking Voyage’s brake run.

Out with the old and in with the new!

Voyage track maintenance at Holiday World

“Dude, your eight layers are showing … ”

That’s right, just like Frosted Mini-Wheats®, the track for wooden coasters has eight layers. Can you count them?

This video provides some behind-the-scenes details about what the Coaster Cats work on during the winter months:

In addition to this brake-run work, our Coaster Cats retracked from under the Voyage station back up to the third 90-degree stretch of track. They also had some fun up at the spaghetti bowl. Next time you visit us, see if you can figure out what other portions of all three coasters received their TLC over the winter.

Track maintenance on The Voyage at Holiday World

And just when will these coasters roar back to life? It’s hard to believe, what with the crazy weather forecast for tomorrow, but we open for the season on May 3 – that’s just two months away!

Now it’s your turn: Which is your favorite Holiday World coaster?

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One Response to “Purrrfect coasters need Coaster Cats”

  1. Robert Downie

    The Voyage is my favorite Holiday World roller coaster. Besides that, it is hands down the best roller coaster I’ve ever ridden. If you ever have an opportunity to get the Gravity Group involved in work on the Raven or the Legend, please do it. I would be thrilled to see you install a 4th wooden coaster (designed by the Gravity Group). I don’t understand why every other park doesn’t have a Gravity Group coaster.