By Paula @ Holiday World

It’s no secret that we do lots of tasting-testing this time of the year. And with a new restaurant opening this season, we’re trying out possible new menu items on a daily basis.


Deep-fried PB&J

Andrea and Michael, from our Food & Beverage Department, called for volunteers to try out an old favorite with a new twist.

A deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Just like funnel cakes and deep-fried Oreos, they get a dusting of powdered sugar on top and are served warm.

Our staff’s reaction?

Uh, mixed.

Like so many things in life, some were thrilled and others just didn’t get it.

It looks pretty yummy, though, don’t you think?

Deep-fried PB&J

Matt’s reaction?

Matt takes a bite“Really? I can’t believe you’d take a picture of me with my mouth full of deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich!”

Matt has three children in grade-school. I bet they’ll be doing some lobbying at home tonight.

With the differing opinions at today’s tasting (harrumph! some of us were in meetings and missed the deep-fried invitation), we’re still not sure if this taste treat has tipped the scales in favor of being added to our menu.

Foods Director Jason asked us to take the question to you for your thoughts. So what do you think: sticky thumbs up or thumbs down?

Simply click below to send us your opinion:

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Thanks, in advance, for your “vote” in this non-binding poll.

Please post any comments below – along with your ideas for toppings.

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27 Responses to “Deep-fried question: Fabulous or flop?”

  1. dawn cook

    I Love grilled peanut butter sandwiches (just like grilled cheese,but use peanut butter instead of cheese)! I usually dust top with powdered sugar, too. The peanut butter gets all warm and melty…(is that even a word?!) Oh well, they are yummy all the same. I imagine your deep fried pb & j would taste kind of similar, although might be better/o the jelly!

  2. Gia Ueding

    Try a deep-fried peanut butter and banana sandwich…”Elvis has left the building.”

  3. Russ Johnson

    Sounds good. I’m a fan of the Monte Cristo sandwich so if you had those too, the fried PB&J wouldn’t look out of place. A Monte Cristo is an uncommon sandwich found in some chains. It is a battered and fried ham and cheese sandwich dusted with sugar and served with raspberry jam. One of those before a ride on The Legend or Voyager might be a fun challenge.

  4. Tish C

    Love the idea….but what about using a graham cracker instead of bread and leave the jelly off? I think that would be awesome!

  5. Heather Kendrick

    Agree with Dawn Cook: I am a grilled peanut butter sandwich fan, and though I’d probably eat this, I think it would be better without the jelly.

  6. George

    One bad thing about this is that it will contaminate the fryers with peanuts, making all other items at that stand inedible by people with allergies.

    • Paula

      Hi George – These would be served in a food outlet that is not one of our designated Allergen-Friendly restaurants. Thanks, Paula

  7. Taylor

    I think these sound AMAZING!!!!! Even though I’d try this, I agree with some people above that it would be better without the jelly! Besides that, I can’t wait to try it!! 🙂

  8. Mark S.

    We love making PPJ in a TONKA jig over a campfire toasty and gooie. Haven’t had any one not want more, so why not deep fried?

  9. Morris Shiball

    In my humble opinion . . . I think that anytime you are having this kind of internal disagreement about a proposed menu item and are unable to clearly identify it as a “go” for your guests, you already know the most likely answer. “No.”

  10. Penny Z

    My boys would LOVE the deep fried PBJ and I think I would too! I think a little drizzled chocolate would be great on top!

  11. Scott Cook

    Instead of spending time dreaming up top selling junk fund items, just bring back some healthy items like the chicken Ceasar wrap that you discontinued. That was a relatively healthy choice that my kids loved. Almost everything you serve at the park fits in the “junk food” catagory.

    • Paula

      Hi Scott – Our new Wildebeestro restaurant will feature three delicious wraps, plus salads and fresh fruit. We hope you enjoy them! (Our 2014 menus will be posted on our website in early April.). – Paula, Holiday World

    • Paula

      Hi Lisa – Our new Wildebeestro restaurant will feature three delicious wraps, plus salads and fresh fruit. We hope you enjoy them! (Our 2014 menus will be posted on our website in early April.). – Paula, Holiday World

    • David Ayres

      Its a theme park. Eat healthy at home theme Parks are a place to splurge

  12. Jenny

    I’d try them, but agree with the posters who suggested healthier snacks. Ever had a banana coated in sun butter and rolled in sunflower kernels? I bet it’s as yummy as this deep fried pb&j…and A LOT healthier!

  13. Jonathan Davis

    I would definitely eat the deep fried PB&J. Also, kudos for recognizing developing trends and doing the healthier thing at Wildebeestro. Something for everybody yeah?! Win Win!

  14. Lesley

    I wish I was your taste tester! I LOVE PB&J! Sounds awesome, although, I would want milk with it!