By Paula @ Holiday World

Have you heard that Mrs. Klaus’ Kitchen is getting a brand new look?

We’re expanding the bakery and sweet shop area – and adding to the theming.

A question from our F&B Director: Jason would like to know what sort of candy you would like to see us offer. The possibilities are nearly endless – but if you have a special treat you’d love to find at Mrs. Klaus’ Kitchen, please post it below.

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12 Responses to “A sweet question”

  1. Sarah Jernigan

    Caramel covered marshmallows, chocolate dipped apple slices, candy apples with different toppings, and maybe more things in sugar free options for diabetics.

    • Wendy

      I love the idea of sugar free goodies! As statistics show, a largely growing number of our population is diabetic. Having an option like this would encourage the business of those who typically wouldn’t visit the sweet shop.

  2. Wendy

    Because so many children have severe food allergies these days (and so many children cannot resist the temptation of sweets), I think it would be super smart to specialize in food products which are declared free of those allergens which pose hazards to children’s welfare. Sweets are often made with or contain peanuts and tree nuts. Can you take these unnecessary ingredients/contaminants out of our kids’ sweets? My daughter is severely allergic to tree nuts (nuts which grow on trees) and can usually not eat anything from a bakery due to cross contamination. Many candies are off the list of those safe to consume, also. It’s a real bummer to say “No” to sweets for the entire family in order to keep it safe and simple for her.

  3. Sharon N.

    My son would like to see some allergy friendly candies. We think it’s awesome that your restaurants have some offering for those who require special diets, but it’d be even more awesome to pick up some safe candy too! I know that would be something difficult to produce in house if that’s the intent, but there are candy companies that produce safe candy that perhaps could be sold. Premium Chocolatiers is our favorite and they cater to not only food allergies but vegans/vegetarian as well. And they make seasonal theme candy too! Santas, bunnies, Halloween…almost seems like a match made in heaven…(btw, I do not work for them, just really appreciate their and your attention to allergy friendliness!)

  4. Brenda Tierney

    Hey Paula
    Did they pick a name for the ride in the park yet. I sent some suggestions and curious to hear what they picked and hope to be mine!

  5. Melissa Downing

    I would love gingerbread, was shocked when there wasn’t any on our visit last year