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While our crews are working hard to prepare the Mayflower site:

Mayflower construction

… other crews, hundreds of miles away, are assembling our new ride.

Mayflower, being assembled

In the above photo, they’re attaching the boat ends to the long keel.

Getting our ship together, as it were.

Here’s James with a Hard Hat Chronicles update:

Here’s another look at our glorious Mayflower:

Mayflower, under construction

No “I’m king of the World!” scenes planned with Holidog and Kitty Claws (not yet, anyway …).

Boat ends added to Mayflower's keel

The decorative shields, which will be seen along each side of Mayflower, await paint.

Decorative shields for Mayflower

Back at the Mayflower construction site, I couldn’t help but think we were playing life-size Whac-A-Mole when I saw the photo. Thank goodness for hardhats, right?

Mayflower construction

We’ll have another episode of the Hard Hat Chronicles in a week or so, as our park president, Matt, takes a construction tour with James.

In case you’re keeping count, we open in just seven weeks!

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