By Paula @ Holiday World

As most of our staff is scurrying around preparing for the start of the season, there are some whose job it is to plan ahead.

For example, plan for Halloween:

Eric, Ashley and Lauren at the St. Louis Halloween show

Eric, Ashley and Lauren are scoping out ideas for Happy Halloween Weekends at the Halloween show in St. Louis this week.

Who could resist the temptation to step inside a huge pumpkin shell? (Especially when there’s a gruesome zombie coming down the aisle …)

Happy Halloween Weekends admission is included with Season Passes again this year. We hope you can carve out some family time and join us!

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2 Responses to “Put them in a pumpkin shell …”

  1. Joanna Barker

    My son first visited Holiday World when he was three years old. He now is married and has three year old twins. They are all looking forward to coming there real soon. C’mon, weather….