By Paula @ Holiday World

When you work at a place named Holiday World, you take your holidays very seriously.

Lauren R.’s job description even includes searching for off-beat holidays and commemorating them on our Instagram page.

So as March came to its lamb-like conclusion yesterday, we wondered about a fun April Fool’s Day joke for social media.

Spoiler alert: #EpicFail

Here’s what happened:

There’s nothing like food to catch your attention, we know that. Food and coasters. And food.

And we know many of you get a big kick out of some of the unusual food offerings we’ve played around with during the off-season.

So we thought maybe we could come up with a list of food ideas that are so gross-yet-intriguing they’d be hard to dismiss as April Foolishness.

Thing is, it sort of backfired.

Nathan, Lauren and I tossed around ideas – each trying to outdo the other on the ick-meter:

  • Funnel cake walking taco
  • Doughnut stuffed with bacon and dipped in maple syrup
  • Funnel cake drizzled with nacho cheese
  • Baked beans in a waffle cone

Then Lauren suggested a funnel cake with scoops of ice cream on top. That stopped us cold.

Poor Nathan: “This is making me hungry. Are there any treats over in the main office?”

Lauren reported there were doughnuts left over from Dee Ann’s birthday breakfast.

And then there were two.

By the end of our “blue sky” session, what at first sounded ridiculous started to sound worth taste-testing at least once.

Even the idea of a funnel cake topped with pulled pork and barbecue sauce. You know … a BarF Cake. Mmmm.

It seems the joke was on us. Ten minutes of silly and nothing to show for it.

But April 1, 2015? We’ll be ready with something great. Just you wait …

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2 Responses to “April foolin’”

  1. suze

    Actually, I think barbecue on funnel cake just might be good. And our local donut bank is offering bacon/maple syrup long johns. Were they sitting in on your ‘jam’ session? LOL!

  2. Bill Muir

    Have you been to Taco Bell recently? They now have a breakfast waffle w/sausage and egg. Many places now do bacon and maple donuts. I have even had a Bacon sundae from Burger King. I have a dairy farm near me that does bacon ice cream. So what was suggested is not unusual. Although the waffle cone w/beans might be a stretch, unless you add bacon! UUUMMMMM!