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3 Responses to “A walk in the park”

  1. mickey

    Looks like he got a little board !
    Look Ma ! I got up , but I can’t get down ! Help !!!

  2. mickey

    Uh, I think I changed my mind? I do believe in heights -I do believe in heights !!!
    Wow, a life size erector set? The original , made out of wood !

    Three little cats -Out for a stroll
    Looks like they were fed well-An its took it toll

    They built there little house- Under a track
    When all of sudden -Things began to roll

    They held on for dear life – as you know
    As a rumble – off in the distance began to grow –
    It wasn’t my tummy -though we all should of went
    Before we came up here – you know

    We should of thought twice – and listen to Santa’s advice
    Before you go on a voyage- Always go -or you will half to hold

  3. Sharon Warren

    I remember taking my now three grown sons to Holiday World when they were small & get their picture taken with Santa. It became a yearly tradition. I have since came back with my grown sons, their wives & my granddaughter. This is one tradition that is worth keeping.