By Paula @ Holiday World

That’s right.

The original Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, England.

Our Mayflower is heading this way over the next two days by way of Wichita, Kansas.

The good folks at Chance Rides were kind enough to snap some photos for us as they packed up the physical supports and sent them to Santa Claus.

Indiana, that is.

… although it does sort of feel like Christmas around here.

Mayflower - leaving Kansas

Lots of lightbulbs along the sides – can’t wait to see Mayflower after dark!

Mayflower - leaving Kansas

It all fits together so well.

Sort of a … Mayflower compact, right?

Mayflower - leaving Kansas

And here’s that proud emblem, showing the name of our ship.

Mayflower - leaving Kansas

Something else I just found out: If you prefer to sit in the middle of the ship (for a milder experience) or toward one of the ends (for that sea-tossed experience), you will have that choice.

Here’s a view from the lift hill of The Voyage:

Mayflower-from-Voyage (construction)

This next week will be exciting as we get our ship together and set sail for Opening Day, May 3.!

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