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6 Responses to “This is more like it!”

  1. Amanda

    My mom is the most hard working loving person I know. She has always given up whatever needed to take care of me and my siblings. She has always showed us what hard work is all about and it definitely has paid off! She loves The Lord and we have truly been blessed!

  2. Terry Page

    You’re right, it is a beautiful day. Hate being here at work when it’s nice outside.

  3. Michael Hallett

    Would like to make Mother’s Day a party and send Mom (and son) to Holiday World’s Splashin’ Safari !!!

  4. Nick DeHart

    My mom is the best. She always cares for everyone else first before herself. She deserves a weekend at Holiday World !!!!!!

  5. mickey

    If thats the same tree or not. It sure does look pretty. Santa Elves should be proud and elated. Santa tell them , “Thank You ” for all the work they do.What a Glorious Feeling and Living! Christmas in your HEart , and keeping it in your heart…An sharing it everyday of the year. You are so right Santa ! Gifts are great ! The Birth of our Saviour , is the Greatest Miracle of All !
    THats one thing, I know Santa has said.

  6. Velma Mann

    My Mom is the most amazing mother ever. She is 78 years old and has raised 5 kids and two grandchildren…She is kind and generous and has the most loving nature of anyone I know…I honor her every day of the year, but her special day is Mothers Day!! Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers!!