By Paula @ Holiday World

We just spent a fun day with a crew from the Travel Channel.

They’re here in town for three days as part of an assignment to create a two-part special called Christmastown.

During the day, there were interviews with park Guests, including Evan (who quoted more stats about Voyage than we have on our website) and a young man from St. Louis who dreams of some day being a Santa’s Helper (he insisted his older brother not stare at him during the interview).

Next was Matt. We got a charge out of the digital clapboard.

And yes, I volunteered that Matt has a nice singing voice. Let’s see if his rousing rendition of Jingle Bells makes the final cut.

Leah talked about her family’s love of Christmas and dedication to keeping Santa’s home a place for believers – young and old – to visit.

And then there’s this guy:

Santa’s echoing shouts of “ho-ho-ho!” will no doubt continue to ring through the hills of Voyage’s path for days to come.

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