By Paula @ Holiday World

Have you ever wished you could sneak into one of our kitchens to see exactly how we create the treats that make your visit extra special?

Tabnie from Eyewitness News did just that recently.

She and Brian got up close and personal with the staff of the Funnel Cake Factory in our 4th of July section.

Because … Tabnie had a hankering for a Red, White & Blueberry Funnel Cake!

Tabnie wants a funnel cake.

If I remember correctly, in the above photo she’s not giving a cue, she’s placing her order.

Take a look:

Yes, Tabnie, smell-a-vision is definitely an invention whose time has come!

Red, White & Blueberry Funnel CakeMeanwhile, Foods Manager Michael is pretty proud of this concoction, after spending many winter afternoons with our Food & Beverage staff perfecting the recipe. (We won’t even mention all the extra hours spent in the gym, working off all those necessary “tastings.”)

When you see Michael out in the park, please be sure to let him know what you think of this patriotic twist on the tradition funnel cake. We hope you’ll agree it’s a dandy!

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5 Responses to ““Sure wish we had smell-a-vision!””

  1. Chels

    I always have a wonderful time at Holiday World. Everytime I go, I am super excited. I am ALWAYS the first person to buy a ticket. Sunday, I bought the first tickets of the day. But sadly, it stormed most of the day. Tomorrow I am going again! Cant wait.