By Paula @ Holiday World

Are you on Twitter? If so, you’ve probably noticed we do a lot of re-tweeting when it comes to TV and radio stations holding contests with our tickets as prizes.

We’ve embedded a bunch of them for a bit of one-stop shopping (the links are live).

Some of the contests are limited to specific areas, so please check the fine print.

And good luck!

Here’s a contest in Indianapolis …

… and Muncie:

… here’s one in St. Louis:

… and this one’s from a magazine in Nashville:

… and here’s Louisville:


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Meanwhile, we have our own “What’s up for 2015?” contest here on the HoliBlog, with another one starting later today.

Looking for discount tickets? Click on that big orange ticket here on our website and your tickets will be automatically discounted. Hope to see you soon!

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6 Responses to “Contestpalooza”

  1. Donna Newman

    Would love to win tickets.
    my grandson wants to go so bad.this would be a great surprise for him.and I havent been able to go sence my kids were very young (25yrs ago), so it would be nice to see how things have changed!!!!!!?

  2. Sadie Jenkins

    My daughter turns 5 yrs old and that would be a great birthday present and trip .