Ah, such potential

Did you ever have a teacher tell your parents you had “potential”?

It probably meant they wanted you to work harder.

Well, potential energy is measures the energy of a body, with respect to its position (such as “way up high).

And there’s not much more potential around here than The Voyage as it crests its lift hill.

Yes, that Voyage is quite a joule. And no doubt, so are you.

Eat like a ’beest

When you picture a herd of wildebeest, don’t you think of them being in stampede mode? They like to move. They migrate at a fast pace.

And so our new Wildebeestro restaurant follows their lead, with a light and fast Grab & Go menu.

Wildebeestro at Splashin' Safari

Tabnie from Eyewitness News stopped by for a behind-the-scenes look.

In keeping with the Wildebeest theme – since they’re herbivores and all – one of our vegetarian menu items is a Red Pepper Hummus Wrap. (Oh, you’re a carnivore? We also have Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps, Roast Beef and Blue Cheese Wraps, and Buffalo Chicken Sandwichs, to name just a few.)

Making hummus wraps at Wildebeestro in Splashin' Safari.

In the news segment, we also see Olivia make a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich:

Philly Cheese Steak preparation at Splashin' Safari's Wildebeestro

Let’s head over to the kitchen with Tabnie, Foods Director Jason, and all the food-prep folks:

What else is on the menu at Wildebeestro? Head over to our Food & Snacks page for all the details.


Social media smiles

Here’s some social-media fun we’ve come across the past few days:

We start with a little girl named Lilly:

Next, two fellows enjoying Christmas in June:

A curly-top gobbler:

A dive-show fan:

A prize-winner:

And a tweet from one of our favorite reporters, who has a sense of humor:

Please keep those fun tweets and Instagrams coming! Our handle for both is @HolidayWorld


Today, more than 50 members of a roller coaster club from Germany are visiting us.

We had the nerve to serve them bratwurst and German potato salad! (Truth be told, they chose the menu – and proclaimed their meal to be delicious.)

Here’s Tim, their leader, who proclaimed to the group, “Voyage is not for vimps!”