By Leah Koch

I’ll never forget how much my siblings and I used to pester my father about what was coming.

I wish I could calculate just how many times we asked him, “C’mon, can you at least give us a hint?” He’d say something incredibly vague that gave absolutely nothing away like, “It’s big.” (Well, duh, everything we do here, we kind of “do big.”)

So I guess the reason I haven’t written anything in a while is that I’m not very good at dropping hints. And yes, I’m totally going to blame this one on my dad for never giving me any good hints (while we’re at it, I think I now blame him for how terrible I am at riddles, too).

Everything I think of seems to be way too obvious. I can’t just dive into this hinting thing.

Day 13 of 66 Days at SeaThe good news is: I haven’t had to do any hinting. We’ve got our “Head-Hinter Extraordinaire” Paula writing about the voyage to the New World at And she’s an expert (she still has people trying to figure out what’s in the mastiff’s jowls).

The mastiff sketch from 66 Days at SeaPaula’s hints are the mind-tricks. Some of them are so good, even I don’t catch them—and I know what the project is!

While you can sort through the 66 Days journal posts to the point of distraction, there’s another site that’s creating a lot of speculation: our construction site.

We’ve seen Guests taking pictures from our Hyena Falls tower to get a better look (goodness knows you can’t see much in the blur while riding The Voyage).

While we could do what other parks have done and put up a fence (which probably wouldn’t do much good anyway with that nice spectator tower), we’ve always been a little different.

Instead of making you work so hard for those hints out in our field, we’re going to make it just a bit easier. We’re setting up a webcam that’s going to provide a live stream of our construction site—24/7. (Keep in mind that some of those 24 hours are going to be at night – when it’s dark and all, so you’re probably not going to get much insight from 10pm to 6am.)

Here’s a bonus hint for you: We’re making the announcement on July 24 (Christmas Eve in July) because we have a delivery coming the very next day. Yes, our Christmas in July is going to be bigger than ever before!

But hey, there might be some things you can figure out ahead of time just from our footers.

Or not.

Several coaster enthusiasts think they’ve already found some answers from the Hyena Falls tower view.

Our ConstructionCam should go live this coming week, so the clues are going to keep on coming as we prepare the site for the delivery of our best Christmas gift ever.

I’ll be watching. Will you?

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6 Responses to “The World through Leah’s lens”

  1. Marcia

    Very nice fireworks but it should not have taken a hour and half to get out of the parking lot. We try to get to Holiday World at least once a yr. We have been at Holiday World three times before. We live 2 1/2 hours away. Also our daughter was at work at 11:00 today. But we did enjoy the fireworks and one of the best for the 4th:) Thanks Marcia and Mike Harmon

  2. Jimmy

    “I’m not very good at DROPPING hints”
    “I just can’t DIVE into this hinting thing”
    Also, they have preserved the old Giraffica water bed, possibly for a splashdown, a popular feature of…
    a B&M Dive Coaster
    Plus, the footers appear the be from B&M
    That’s my prediction

    • cole

      a dive coaster is what i was leaning towards to it would seem possible for the park to have one around hyena falls especially when you got name like splashin safari but hints about being dark maybe it has a dark name for the ride idk

      • Jimmy

        Well, the thing about that is this is the single largest investment in the park’s history, we know it’s over $13.5 million, and they did mention in another blog that this is not many smaller rides, but just one, giant thing. Plus, I don’t think that they would put up the campaigning they’ve done (66 Days, webcam, etc.) for a dark ride. I think this will be by B&M (because of the footers), and I think it will be a dive coaster, or maybe a hyper coaster, but I’m not sure why they would do that when they have the wooden version of that with The Voyage.

        • Jimmy

          and they did say that this investment will beat their past $13.5 million investment by far.