By Leah Koch

I’m sure many of you have noticed that our big announcement day is quickly approaching.

And I don’t think I’ve ever had such a great captive audience as I do right now. Because of this, I’ve had to be very meticulous with my word selection. Anything could mean something.

For instance, if I were to say this tease campaign has turned my normal life upside-down, people might assume we’re building some form of coaster that takes riders upside-down.

So I won’t say that.

But now I’m sure you see my dilemma. Part of the art here is learning where to let the occasional hint slide, and where to let the occasional potential misdirect drop.

It feels like an extra-long process now that everything here is going full-speed. While everything around me is going roughly a mile a minute, I’m sitting at my desk probably looking far too concentrated, trying to decide between using the word slide or drop.

Leah blogging at her desk at Holiday WorldThis responsibility I have right now as HoliBlog staff writer has been elevated to priority number one in these next weeks because I have been given the authority to give a few things away.

I cannot express to you just how huge this responsibility is. It is One. Big. Thing.

I repeat: One. Big. Thing.

This secret is getting harder and harder to contain (thankfully we only have less than two weeks now).

I will say this, though: this is our biggest investment to date.

By far. And it’s One. Big. Thing.

Not a new section with a bunch of new rides, just one massive piece of awesome.

When you finally find out what it is, you’re going to flip.

Wait, I won’t say that.

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21 Responses to “T-minus 12 days”

  1. roger croley

    On 7 21 14 we be at holiday world 10 of us 6ad 4kids could use some free tickets. Thank you

  2. Cordero Green

    Hmm? You’re trying to keep it very secretive now? That’s great. Too bad my video on Youtube has everybody wondering and thinking. Check it out if you want. It may have you wondering as well. Do I know the secret? Do I know what the 2015 project is? Maybe. Maybe not. LOL!

  3. Liana

    Shoot… I was SO certain it was one kids water ride and one winged roller coaster… This totally crushes that. DARN YOU, SUPER FUN MYSTERY!

  4. Linda Huebschman

    Could it be a roller coaster within a roller coaster?? All in the confines of a huge ship which is also moving on “ocean” waves and winds!!

  5. Ryan Maddox

    I hope it’s an intamin launch coaster like Maverick at Cedar Point!!

    • Jonathon

      If it is an Intamin, I willl be beyond shocked! Seeing as they just removed a HUGE Intamin ride not long after it was installed, I seriously doubt they would trust their first steel coaster to them. Which reminds me, Maverick’s original design was a failure, there was an inline twist that caused stress cracks and had to be replaced by an S-curve. Unless Intamin gave HW the cost of Pilgrims Plunge/Giraffica towards a new coaster, and gave a huge discount on the remaining cost of this new ride, I heavily doubt it is an Intamin ride. Although, that would explain why they are building One. Big. Thing.