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4 Responses to “What’s your definition of “fun”?”

  1. Terry Page

    Would love to win some tickets for my 5 grandchildren. Their parents aren’t working right now and can’t afford to bring them. They usually come almost every year.

  2. Mary

    Fun is the look of excitement when I look at my kid’s faces and they are having fun! A natural if you are at Holiday World!!!

  3. HolidayWorldFTW

    It really is quite impossible to not have fun while at Holiday World. You guys take care of everything so all there is left to do is have fun! I don’t think you could even TRY to not have fun there. What is fun? Fun is HOLIDAY WORLD!

  4. mickey sears

    Defintion of FUN- Finding….. You’re …. Never ….leaving Holiday World FOR ANOTHER PARK.
    Tell your everyday Santa, HEllo. Hope the wooden sleigh has not fell apart. He “wood” only no what I am talking about
    Hopefully, it doens’t need a paint job or repair. If it does , I guess he can send it to the elves in the North Pole. If he needs more room, he can always donate it to a charity. Its Ok Santa. It did , and does touch my heart, what you said you did with it . Child in me. Still amazed. Jingle Bells …Jingle Bells. I won’t do the whole song.