By Paula @ Holiday World

Can you believe it? We’re closing in on the last few of our 66 Days At Sea! We hope you enjoyed the clues, the history lesson, and the occasional red herring. And Leah’s HoliBlog posts, too – she’s honed her HoliHint skills to a fine point these past few weeks.

As July 24, Our Announcement Day, fast approaches, we want to fill you in on several bits of information:

1. The guesses continue – we’ve added a series of Instagram videos, thanks to our Marketing Interns:

2. Leah’s HoliHints aren’t over just yet. Stay tuned. (Better yet. subscribe to the HoliBlog to receive each post via email.)

3. Can’t make it to Santa Claus on Thursday? No worries; we plan to stream the announcement live from our website. We’ll have some interactive polling and such, so please tune in at 8:15pm CDT to have your say. Then after the announcement, refresh the page and you’ll see a new microsite with all sorts of information and animation about … oh, you nearly got me there. Nope. Gotta wait.

4. Having trouble holding on until Christmas Eve in July? Be sure to check our ConstructionCam during daylight hours to see if you can figure out what we’re up to.

5. After the announcement, we’ll be part of a live podcast with – for a full recap of our 66 Days At Sea hints.

6. Throughout the day (and before, actually), we’ll be using the hashtag #HW2015 – please join in the fun!

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10 Responses to “Countdown to Day 67”

  1. Christian

    Guess has changed to a Wing Rider from B&M with a first ever lauch and splash down.

  2. Devin

    I think that it would be a B&M Floorless Coaster called Son of Voyage and would be a clone of Bizzaro at Six Flags Great Adventure.