By Paula @ Holiday World

The word “goodies” in relation to a truck full of construction materials may not be the fit for everyone, but it sure is appropriate when you’re building something exciting.

James, as VP, gets the keys to the castle, er … Really Big Truck.

And what is in the Really Big Truck, you ask?

Ah, none of that! We’ll tell you on Thursday. It’s almost here. Really.

Of course, once James got the truck open, he just had to venture inside …

No keys this time … just brute strength.

Truth be told, this photo is nearly two months old. We had just begun our “66 Days At Sea” countdown to our big announcement for 2015.

… and we weren’t quite sure how much to show.

So we snipped a little here and cropped a bit there, knowing the photos would be highly scrutinized.

It’s been pretty amazing to see how many clues you’ve uncovered. And how many you’ve missed.

But the wait is nearly over.

On Thursday (this Thursday, July 24), if you’re not here at the park to watch live, please link over to to watch our announcement live. The page should go live around 8:00pm CDT, with our pre-announcement warm up (with interactive polling and other fun stuff) starting at 8:15pm CDT. And when 8:30pm rolls around, the announcement will be … um, unboxed.

See? Like this! We’ll lift the lid of secrecy and all will be revealed!

And after the announcement, if you’d like to join for our 66 Days re-cap, we’ll have fun revealing the hints, history and, yes, herrings on their live podcast at 9:15pm CDT.

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2 Responses to “A truck full of goodies”

  1. roger croley

    My my we were on Monday 21 looked to see no clue to what it might be we were having to much Fun .

  2. Stephanie

    The signs point to b&m’s wing and/or dive coaster but they’ve both been done before so it’s not the first of it’s kind… So I’m stumped!!! But it’s definitely been fun playing detective!