By Paula @ Holiday World

We’ve been playfully teasing Hal at DBS>Interactive about making sure-sure-sure the servers are ready for tomorrow’s announcement.

… because a whole lotta folks will be tuning in to watch.

We like DBS for their exceptional web design work. We love them for their sense of humor:

Be sure to join us at 8:15pm CDT tomorrow/Thursday for the pre-announcement fun, including some real-time polls.

The announcement will follow at 8:30pm CDT. Here’s the direct link:

Thanks to everyone for playing along these past 66 Days – it’s been a shipload of fun!

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4 Responses to “Servers, don’t fail us now!”

  1. Matt beatty

    I would love to see a winter ride in yll park were you ride Santa slade on water ride in different city and country’s in Christmas mod